Sunday 31 July 2022

Release Blitz - Cocky Caveman by Emma James

Title: Cocky Caveman
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Emma James
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: July 31, 2022

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward's New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.


What happens when an ex-military, cocky musician meets a sassy ex-bounty hunter? Sparks will fly.

Tucker Royal was born cocky.

Tall, bearded, and rock star handsome, he is only looking to order two coffees to-go when he walks into Peace Café.

Instead, Tucker leaves with a pocket-rocket spitfire in his arms, returning her safely to Temecula wine country after their meet-cute takes a turn for the worse.

Ophelia doesn’t date. She’s in a committed relationship, working on herself and her soon-to-be-open tiny house Airbnb business, the Fainting Goat Ranch.

Tucker wants a date.

There is a non-date in their future—which in no way gets classified as a date—an ambush is more like it, assisted by Ophelia’s cousin and his wife. It leads to Tucker bringing his secret weapon—his sisters—into play.

The more time spent in Tucker’s witty, banter-filled company, the more she could see the man underneath.

But Ophelia’s guarding a painful secret. In her eyes, love can only wreck you.

It’s a good thing for Ophelia that Tucker’s leaving for a ten-week vacation with his sisters. Things can get back to normal because Gwendoline, her boom box-loving, curvy Aussie BFF, arrives to keep her company and help her run the Airbnb.

Tucker’s vacation turns into a spontaneous secret mission, going off the grid, keeping communication open only with his trusted best friend, Shamus MacDougall.

Tucker finds creative ways to court Ophelia from afar, using his Scottish friends as allies—the Mighty MacDougalls—with hilarious results.

Until trouble comes Ophelia’s way.

Are they fated to be ships in the night, with Ophelia’s secret forever hidden, or can they find their way into each other’s arms, no matter the cost?

Cocky Caveman is a second chance romantic comedy inspired by Cocky Bastard.



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Emma James writes books where love will always rise from the ashes.

Her style is writing unpredictable stories whether contemporary laugh-out-loud romance or dark and twisted romance with steam.

Even in her dark storytelling, there is room for a spark of humor.

She lives with her husband and family, including a grumpy pet rescue cat, Morrison, in a seaside community. Reading, writing are her passions.



Release Blitz - Line Change by G.K. Brady

Title: Line Change
A Playmakers Series Prequel Novel
Author: G.K. Brady
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2022


There’s only one woman for him. The problem? She belongs to his best friend.

When it comes to hockey and women, Marty LeBrun is used to coming in second to his best friend and teammate, Zach Pruitt. And that’s okay because Marty’s sole aim is breaking into the NHL, a climb as steep as Mt. Everest—without oxygen—for a guy whose heart is greater than his talent.

But all that changes when Claudia Campbell walks into their lives. Suddenly, playing Zach’s wingman is a role Marty is no longer willing to fill.

Claudia Campbell has been itching to escape her stifling family and spread her wings. None of her big plans include a serious relationship, but she soon finds herself falling for Zach and putting her plans on ice. There’s a bonus that comes with the hottest hockey player on campus, though, and that’s his buddy, Marty. As her relationship with Zach deepens, Marty becomes her best friend, her rock, the guy she trusts above all others—including Zach.

While he flounders in the minors, Marty envies Zach’s meteoric rise in the NHL. Zach has everything Marty wants: a thriving career and the girl. But Zach’s fame creates the perfect storm for excess, and when he begs Marty to keep his secrets, Marty is torn. Do his loyalties lie with his best friend since childhood? Or with his other best friend, the girl he secretly pines for?

In order to protect the woman he adores, Marty agrees to hide Zach’s recklessness. But secrets never stay buried, and Marty’s choice delivers devastating consequences. When Claudia discovers what Marty has been keeping from her, it’s game over.

Years pass and scars cover old wounds, but Marty is haunted by memories of the only woman he’s ever loved. Meanwhile, Claudia yearns for the friendship she shared with Marty. When a chance encounter brings them together again, will they take a shot at winning the biggest prize of all?



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Since childhood, all sorts of stories and characters have lived in G.K. Brady’s imagination, elbowing one another for attention, so she’s finally giving them their voice on the written page.

A writer of contemporary romance, she loves telling tales of the less-than-perfect hero or heroine who transforms with each turn of a page.

G.K. is a wife and the proud mom of three grown sons. When she’s not writing, she might be reading, traveling, drinking wine, listening to music, or gardening—sometimes all at once! She currently resides in Colorado with her very patient husband.

Saturday 30 July 2022

Release Blitz - Flirting with Disaster by Michelle Hercules

Title: Flirting with Disaster
Series: Filthy Gods #1
Author: Michelle Hercules
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 30, 2022


How can you crave someone as intensely as you hate them?

Finn Novak is one of the young gods who rule this town and wreaks havoc wherever he goes. He’s above everything, even the law.

I never thought I’d be thrust into his world of depraved privilege until tragedy strikes, and I’m forced to attend Maverick Prep, his domain.

I vow to keep hating him but quickly become trapped by his web of twisted mind games. I yearn for his barbed words as much as I hunger for his touch.

Getting close to Finn means unveiling secrets that should stay hidden. But like bodies buried in shallow graves, skeletons never remain in the closet forever.

I can’t escape him, though. His darkness feeds mine, and it’s only a matter of time before the void consumes us both.

When the story is over, who will be revealed as the real monster? Finn or me?

*If you like morally gray characters, psychotic heroes, and badass heroines this is for you. This story contains dark themes that may be triggering to some readers.



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Releasing August 18

Coming soon to Amazon



USA Today Bestselling Author Michelle Hercules always knew creative arts were her calling but not in a million years did she think she would become an author. With a background in fashion design she thought she would follow that path. But one day, out of the blue, she had an idea for a book. One page turned into ten pages, ten pages turned into a hundred, and before she knew, her first novel, The Prophecy of Arcadia, was born.

Michelle Hercules resides in Florida with her husband and daughter. She is currently working on the Blueblood Vampires series and the Filthy Gods series.


Friday 29 July 2022

Cover Reveal - Beast & Beauty Duet by Clarissa Wild

Beast & Beauty Duet
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance

Releasing September 1

He has a beastly instinct to devour everything in his path … until her.

I am the giant, menacing monster, known only as the Beast.
Sold to the mafia as a kid and trained to hunt, my life revolves around brutality and carnage.
My home is a cell made of concrete and iron bars.
And there is nothing I won’t do to be free.
Until her.

The innocent black-haired girl with pretty pink lips, whose father I was supposed to hunt, dares to get in my way.
But when I grab her and look into her eyes, I can’t bring myself to finish the job.
She makes me feel hope. Greed.
And a frenzied desire to touch her.
Taste her.
Make her mine.

I was supposed to destroy everything in my path.
Instead, I took her … and consumed her whole.


My world is shuttered in darkness.
Behind these bars, I become one with the shadows.
I sleep in them. Breathe in them. Live in them.
I simply just … exist.
Until …
The door at the top of the stairs opens and a sliver of light is cast down into my cell.
Onto me.
Huddled in the corner, I stay put, eyes half-closed but vigilant.
Two feet slowly appear, as though it costs him great trouble to even walk. Then the rest of his body appears, his chest rising and falling with each step, as if even coming down here costs him a great deal.
Everything I have.
Everything he doesn’t.
I watch as his wrinkly face comes into view. His lip curls up, barely taking the time to form the words as he spews them. “Beast.”
My nostrils flare at the sound of his voice. At the beckoning and my mandatory call.
But I stay put in my cell, watching him from afar.
A filthy smile appears on his face. “I have a job for you.”
His hand dives into his pocket and he pulls out a photograph of what appears to be a family of just two. A man with a potbelly and a beard just like my owner’s, and a girl with her back towards the camera, huddled over a piano.
My owner approaches my cell and presses the photograph against the bars. “Bring me his head.”
I step out from the shadows and into the light. Every footstep is another thud on the stone ground beneath my feet. His body quakes the closer I get, until my frame towers over his. Until the only thing separating us are thick metal rods.
My house.
My prison.
I snatch the photograph from his hand and study the image carefully, taking in every detail. The colors, the view behind the window, the man’s wretched smile … and the girl’s beautiful, flowing black hair that reminds me of the sea of shadows I call home.
A small strand of hair tucks behind her ear, and an inch of her blushed cheeks are visible, along with the edge of rose coral lips hiding behind the veil of darkness.
A hint of a smile.
Like a promise.
A secret.
I swallow.
“Kill anyone who gets in your way.”
My eyes flicker up to meet his. “Anyone?
“I don’t care.” His lips curl up like a wolf. “Kill. Them. All.”
I like that word.
It’s all I’ve ever known.
All I ever understood.
The only thing that will ever get me where I want to be.

Releasing September 8

I thought I could escape the Beast … but he already devoured my heart.

When the Beast took me and dragged me back to his cell, I thought my life was over.
In the darkness, he watched me.
Yearned for me.
Tasted me.

He loved my scars, called me a beauty …
Made me irrevocably his.

Until his owner finally let him out …
And his final task was to destroy my father.
The only thing that stood between them was me.

Faced with an impossible choice, I run.
But even the beauty can’t escape the claws of the Beast.



Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels. She is an avid reader and writer of swoony stories about dangerous men and feisty women. Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her two crazy but cute dogs, and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he's a dog too. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, reading tons of books, and cooking her favorite meals.

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Cover Reveal - The Exception by Eva Winners

Title: The Exception
A Billionaire Kings Series
Prequel Standalone Novel
Author: Eva Winners
Genre: Billionaire Office Romance
Cover Design: Eve Graphic Design
Photo: Wander Aguiar
Models: Vargo & Kiana S.
Release Date: August 16, 2022


One contract.
One billionaire.

Charming. Devastatingly handsome. Ridiculously rich. Kristoff Baldwin came without warning. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and before I could even realize the impact he was making, I was too far gone, despite knowing the consequences of falling.

A future together was the impossible dream. My past haunted me and even he had ghosts of his own.

Then everything changed when his past came after me and my daughters.

There are disguised blessings in every tragedy. Although I can’t help but wonder if my tragedy is about to destroy a once in a lifetime chance at love.

NOTE: This is republished story about Kristoff and Gemma. Changed from single to dual POV and story line revised.




Releasing October 5



Eva Winners released her first novel Second Chance At Love in 2020 and has been writing feverishly ever since. She writes about everlasting romance for every century focusing on characters emotional development and always guarantees an HEA.

She loves yoga, wine and her kiddos. In her spare time, she seeks adventures either hiking through trails or exploring the beaches.

Writing books has always been her passion and she brings real life to the forefront in everything she writes about.

Deeply passionate characters and stories will draw you in and you'll never want to leave.

Follow her on social media to stay up to date with all her new releases!

Cover Reveal - Manifesting Desire by Vida Escobar

Title: Manifesting Desire
Author: Vida Escobar
Genre: Dark Romance
Cover Design: Liz Heaven
Raven Pages Design
Release Date: August 30, 2022



When my abuelo ran the family, the name Guerrera became the most feared in Miami. Now that I'm in charge, I plan to rule with the same iron fist. I'm as ruthless as he was, so it comes as a shocked when I discover that there's a traitor in my midst; someone who thinks they can get rid of me. Now my bodyguard won't leave my side. It annoys me at first -- I don't need a babysitter -- but then I get an idea. A crazy good idea.


Amelia has been under my skin for years. Her bloodthirsty nature in that unbelievable body? It's a combination I've never been able to ignore. So when someone makes a move to destroy her, I'll admit, I go a little overboard. And when she asks me to marry her so she can collect her grandmother's inheritance, I can only say yes. Our relationship is a roller coaster, she frustrates me to no end, and we burn hot and volatile together. The only problem? I want out of the life, and I want to take Amelia with me.




Vida Escobar is an emerging independent author of contemporary dark romance. She was born in Cuba and came to the United States when she was ten years old. She learned to write and speak English by reading the Percy Jackson Series, House of Night, and many other Young Adult books, which is how she first discovered her love for getting lost in new and wonderful worlds. These days Vida prefers her characters morally grey, and her romance with enough spice to have you blushing.

Vida currently lives in Miami with her two puppies, Toby and Luna, who are her entire world. When she’s not reading or writing she likes cooking, kayaking, and dancing the Miami heat away.


Release Blitz - Until Nash by Shaw Hart & Cameron Hart

Title: Until Nash
A Happily Ever Alpha World Novel
Authors: Shaw Hart & Cameron Hart
Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing, LLC
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2022


They say love is like war. Easy to begin but hard to stop.

Scarlett has been watching her father fall in love all her life. It never lasts and after a lifetime of uprooting her life so that her father can chase after his latest love interest, she’s done.

She’s sworn off love and dating. She never wants to settle down because she knows that it’s all a lie. Love never lasts.

Then she meets Nash.

The first time that Scarlett sees Nash, she knows that he’s dangerous. No one has ever tempted her to break her rules of engagement, but there’s something about the charming small-town lawyer that she can’t ignore.

When Scarlett has to face a new threat, she turns to Nash. He may be the enemy but he’s the only one who can help her out of this fight.

Except the more that the two fight her battle, the closer they get. Will the BOOM between Nash and Scarlett be strong enough to survive the war that’s coming?

Until Nash is part of Aurora Rose Reynolds' Happily Ever Alpha World. If you loved Until November and Until Rex from the HEA World, then you will want to read Until Nash.



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Shaw Hart is an Amazon Top 100 best-selling author of contemporary and New Adult romance. She loves writing instalove romances that always end in happily ever afters.

She lives in a constant state of motion, chasing after her two children and three dogs. Shaw enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends.

When she’s not doing that, she’s reading romance books, watching stand up comedies or crime TV shows. Her favorite book tropes are secret baby and boss/employee romances. She’s a big fan of James Acaster, Anthony Jeselnik, Nate Bargatze, and John Mulaney’s comedy. Her favorite TV shows are Psych, Burn Notice, Leverage, Barry, Bob’s Burgers, and New Girl.

She’s a Pinterest addict, dog lover, tea snob, and a wannabe yogi.

She also writes contemporary romance books under the pen name, Rebecca Wilder, and she’s one half of the paranormal romance duo, Skye Alder.


Cameron Hart is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes books with lots of heat, plenty of sweet, and just enough drama to keep things interesting.

Cameron graduated from the Iowa Writers Workshop in 2012 with a degree in creative writing. When she's not working on her next book, Cameron can be found reading, crocheting, doing yoga, and chasing around her grumpy cat.


Aurora Rose Reynolds and her husband, Sedaka Reynolds, created Boom Factory Publishing to use their experiences to expand and promote upcoming and existing indie authors. 

With over five years in the industry, and millions of books sold worldwide, we know what it takes to become a successful author and we will use this knowledge to take our authors to the next level. 

“As a successful hybrid author in this ever evolving industry, I know that you’re only as successful as the team that is promoting you!” – Aurora Rose Reynolds