Tuesday 13 August 2013

Give Me...... Author Megan Keith

Megan Keith is a married, mother of three, living in a small country town in New South Wales, Australia.  She has a constant thirst for a good story, whether it is in books, music, movies, on TV, or just plain old-fashioned gossip.  She has always had a creative side and loves to let her imagination run wild.   On a few occasions over the years, Megan has put those imaginings into a written story, but never dreamed of publishing.  She has always loved to read, but it wasn’t until she got given a Kindle that it became a full-blown addiction.

Her introduction to the world of Indie Authors re-ignited her passion for writing and she has spent the past ten months working on what was supposed to be one book, but has now turned into three.  Finding My Way is the first of the trilogy, and is also her debut self-published novel.


Finding My Way is a New Adult Contemporary Romance

When twenty-three-year-old Emma discovers that her ex is moving on with his life, she decides to harden up and get on with living her own.  Who knew that just opening up to the possibility of a new relationship would be all that it took?  Things start looking up when her hot new co-worker Seth notices her.  He had been the subject of her fantasies, but she never thought she stood a chance.  Then there’s Nick, the sexy and self-assured guy she met at the train station that she cannot get out of her head.  When even more prospects begin to show it seems that life is finally looking up.  Top it off with a new career opportunity and Emma finally believes she can find her way to a whole new life.


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