Monday 6 October 2014

Release Day Blitz - Twin Reasoning by Dee Avila

Title: Twin Reasoning
Series: Pool Boys #1
Author: Dee Avila
 Release Date: October 6, 2014


Sloan Smith built a wall around his broken heart. After his ex-girlfriend crushed him, he threw himself into the only thing that mattered: his future.

Sloan’s life consisted of two things: the gym and sleep. The discipline it took to build his physique and push himself further than ever was worth it. Until his twin brother Sebastian presented him with a job, he couldn’t refuse. The money he would make with Divine Services would help him enter as many Body Building competitions as he could and help him reach his goal of being on stage in Vegas, sooner.

Katelynn Ashton, the only girl he cared about, couldn’t have chosen a worse time to admit her feelings for him. No matter how Sloan felt about her, he wouldn’t start a relationship with her while he was a Pool Boy.

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I am not looking forward to tonight. We are meeting Madame Elleanor and Kyle, an old high school buddy of ours, at a small, local bar. My dipshit of a brother found us a job; well, two actually. Elleanor owns a pool cleaning service that is more like a front for an escort service. Sebastian begged me to go to this meeting and keep an open mind about joining their businesses.
I need the money. I have bodybuilding competitions coming up and could use the money for registration. I began getting involved in the bodybuilding scene during my junior year of high school but, at twenty-three, this will be my first year to compete. I have packed on close to twenty-five pounds of muscle since graduating. It is hard work and takes a lot of discipline, but is well worth it. Someday, I will be on the stage in Las Vegas competing for Mr. Olympia.
Sebastian squeals the tires as we round a corner. Pulling into the parking lot, I see Kyle’s beat up old Dodge parked three spots in. Back at, Ashlane High, Kyle Ashton was a senior when we were freshman. Sebastian ran into him, again, a few months ago and they had been hanging out together ever since. Kyle bartended at Eric’s, the bar were we just parked. Even though the bar is in the heart of San Jose, it is chill. I’ve been here my fair share of times. There are many regulars and TV’s to watch sports. The older jukebox still sounds good and isn’t insanely loud, like at a club. It is the perfect spot to have this meeting and discuss our new adventure. Yeah, right! Ok, maybe adventure isn’t the right word, more like fornication.
Sebastian pulls me out of my mental conversation by flinging my door open. “Dude, Slo, get out of the damn car.”
Fuck! I don’t want to do this. My brother had better realize he owes me. I step out of the car, straighten my button-down shirt, and mess with the sleeves I have rolled up to the elbow. “Fine. Let’s do this. But you, asshole, you owe me big!”
I follow him inside the dark bar, rounding a sharp corner and head for the bar along the far wall. I quickly scan the area and see it is nearly dead. Two older guys occupy one booth and a young woman sitting at the bar, alone, talking to the bartender. The place always smells of smoke and mildew, even though you haven’t been able to smoke in restaurants or bars for years. Sebastian marches ahead of me to the farthest, darkest, corner in the bar.
In the circular booth, Kyle sits next to a woman who couldn’t have been much older than we are. I take Elleanor in before we fully reach them. She is wearing a dark business suit and has her straw colored hair pulled back, neatly. She looks prim and proper, especially with the librarian glasses that sit on the tip of her nose as she reads over some paperwork.
“Hey, guys!” Kyle announces. Miss Prim and Proper pops her head up. Elleanor takes in every inch of Bash before shifting her eyes to me. Her thin lips twitch, but remain tightly sealed. Her left eyebrow quirks, drawing my attention to her ice blue eyes. If she didn’t look like such a bitch, she could be pretty.
“Ky, you didn’t mention they were twins.” Her high-pitched voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. I couldn’t do this. This chick is irritating the shit out of me, already.
Kyle shrugs. “Didn’t think it mattered.”
Elleanor huffs before extending her hand out to us. “I’m Madame Elleanor.”
I watch my brother transform, flashing a grin my way before taking Madame Elleanor’s hand and pressing a kiss to it. “I’m Sebastian.”
“Sloan.” I’m not going to pretend I liked her.
“Alright, have a seat boys and we can discuss your future with Devine Services.”
As we sit down, the waitress brings over a margarita, two beers and a coke. Lifting one of the beers to my lips, I take a long pull from the bottle. Elleanor sips her drink and then starts talking, again. “I operate two businesses under one name. If I hire you, you will be required to work for both entities. Devine Pool Services and Devine Male Escorts. I don’t know how much Ky has told you about me, or my businesses, so I will explain how this works. That way there is no miscommunication.”
I don’t know what she wants from us at this moment, but she continues to wait, looking at us expectantly. I finally nod. “Got it.”
Clearing her throat, she hands us each a packet. “The pool business is legit and you will be cleaning pools. However, each house on your route has a female in need of a companion. Most of the time they are just looking for someone to talk to—lonely housewives, widowed younger woman, and occasionally they will request your presence at some function or another.”
“So, we have sex with the Desperate Housewives of San Jose? Awesome!” Bash belts out next me, relaxing into the back of the booth and taking in what he wants to hear from our boss.
“No. Sex is up to you. As far as what you are required from me, you will find a list on the second page of your packet. But, what I just stated pretty much sums it up. Companionship. These women are looking for a companion. With that being said, I do suggest you figure out pricing for your extracurricular activities, as they do ask for them. The price for that is up to you, with me getting a portion. All of this is covered in your handbooks.
“We will meet once a month to go over any complaints from you or your customers.  We will also discuss new customers and payments. I have an account set up for the ladies to pay online and then I pay you out of those deposits. Extracurricular activities are set up differently. You receive cash payment at the time of service and deliver me the percentage at the following month’s meeting. Are there any questions?”
“Yeah, will I be fired for not participating in the extra stuff?” I don’t want to be rude, but these ladies probably are dirtier than street hookers are. I don’t need my junk falling off; besides, I don’t think I can do this. If it’s just talking and hanging out with them after cleaning their pool, okay, maybe. Nope. I can’t, I’m going to have to bail on Sebastian. When we get home, I’m telling him I can’t do it.
“Not at all, as long as you clean their pool once a week and chat with them a little, you’re golden. Now at the back of the handout is a form for you to be tested, just in case. I need proof you’re clean.”
“Is that all? I need to go.” I start to slip out of the booth.
Bash grabs my arm. “Hold on. Madame Elleanor, when can we start? I’ll get my clean pass and be ready to work tomorrow. So will Sloan.”
“First, call me Elleanor. Second, my number is on everything in there; call me once you’re done with your tests and we can set up your routes.”
I am out of the booth and standing a foot away with my hands in my pockets. Bash jumps out of the booth, clapping his hands together. “Alright, we’ll talk tomorrow. It was nice meeting you, Elleanor.” He clutches her hand in his, placing a lingering kiss.  Releasing her hand, he reaches over and fist bumps Kyle. “See ya later, Ky.”
Sebastian’s laugh echoes throughout the nearly empty bar as he spins around and saunters toward the door.
“It was nice meeting you. See ya, Kyle.” I’m not promising her I’d call. If I have it my way, I won’t be joining the Divine Services team. I am going to kill Sebastian. I know he won’t let me get out of this, because I owe him. But, after this, we’re not going to be even; he is going to owe me, times ten.

Author Bio

Dee Avila is a mother of four that enjoys reading and writing. You can catch her at anytime with her note app open, people watching. She lives in a small community in California and loves to tie the small-town feel into her writing.

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