Tuesday 28 February 2023

Release Blitz - Saved by Grace by Carsen Lane

Title: Saved by Grace
Series: Grace #2
Author: Carsen Lane
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Sports/MMA Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2023


Johnny O’Malley is a man with a past. He’s always buried his demons beneath his fighting, so nobody would ever know how truly messed up he is.

He turned over a new leaf when he took on the role of Grace’s trainer, swearing he’d never fight again. This last year has been his road to redemption.

With his training and loyal devotion to making her the best, Johnny has helped mold Grace into one of the best fighters in the UFC. She is going to take on the current title holder for her shot at winning the belt.

The problem?
The girl who currently holds the title has a past that haunts Johnny. He sees himself in her, while she stirs up all his old monsters.

Could the person with the key to freeing him from his past be the same person who holds the key to Grace’s future?

By finding his happiness, could he be betraying the one person he has vowed to protect?
What will Johnny do when his present and future collide, and only one can be the victor?




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Carsen is a quirky author who loves to discover themself in the written word, drink copious amounts of coffee and be in nature as much as possible.


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