Monday 5 June 2023

Release Boost - Sunflowers and Surrender by LM Fox

Title: Sunflowers and Surrender
A Wild Blooms Series Standalone
Author: LM Fox
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Forbidden/Brother's Best Friend
Release Date: June 1, 2023



Each day I long for the forbidden.
Dreams like seeds planted in poor soil.

My future has been sown since I was young, and now the man I’ve fallen for is off-limits.
Not that he'd give me the time of day.

My brother's best friend puts out fires by day, and ignites unfamiliar feelings by night.
How do I pluck these desires before they overtake me?

I'm choosing to stay positive. Live joyfully, like a sunflower.

If only someone like Alex could adore me as I do my faithful blossoms.


My life is nearly perfect.
Great job, hot girl, and amazing friends.
So why do I feel off?

I'm not looking for more. And if I was, the last thing I'm allowed to consider is Tuesday Palmer.

If only she hadn't put me under a spell with her bright smile and radiant personality.

But restraint is the name of this game.
I can only look, not touch, this tempting flower.

Even if I'm dying to surrender.



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“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’re you doing?“
“Getting ready for bed,” she answers matter-of-factly, still wriggling in her shirt.
“What? You sleep in the buff? Never mind. Don’t answer that.” I don’t want to know. I’ll never get that vision out of my head.
“I don’t sleep naked. But I don’t want to sleep in my bra.”
Fuck. And now I’m thinking about her tits.
“And my shirt smells like old beer.”
“Were you mixing beer and fruity drinks?” No wonder she’s a mess.
“No. Xane spilled it on me.”
“He offered to lick it off.” She laughs.
“I suggest you stop talking, or you’ll have to put yourself to sleep with one arm stuck in your shirt because I’m going to be busy ripping that asshole’s tongue from his face.”
A mixture of a giggle and hiccup escapes, and I quickly reach for the trashcan.
“Are you going to be sick?”
“Nope,” she says, still squirming inside her top.
I place the trashcan down and head for the closet, where some of my T-shirts remain. Returning to Tuesday’s side, I sit her up so her back is to my chest and help to free her remaining arm. “Sunny, slide your bra straps down. I’m going to slide this shirt over your head, and we can get your bra off after you’re covered.” Hell. The mere notion of taking her bra off, covered or not, has gotten me to full mast.
“Okay.” Her minty breath dances over my face.
Once Tuesday is settled, I pull back the sheets and scoot her into bed. “You sure you don’t feel sick?”
“Nope.” Hiccup. As her breaths get heavier, I grow wary about leaving her. What if she throws up during the night? She’s barely taking up any space in this queen-sized bed, so I slide in before I can contemplate what I’m doing.


Born and raised in Virginia, LM Fox currently lives in a suburb of Richmond with her husband, three kids, and a chocolate lab.

Her pastimes are traveling to new and favorite places, trying new foods, a swoony book with either a good cup of tea or coffee, margaritas on special occasions, and watching her kids participate in a variety of sports.

She has spent the majority of her adult life working in emergency medicine and her books are written in this setting. Her main characters are typically in the medical field, EMS, fire, and/or law enforcement. She enjoys writing angsty, contemporary romance starring headstrong, independent heroines you can’t help but love and the hot alpha men who fall hard for them.


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