Thursday 28 July 2016

Release Blitz - The Road to Paradise by Leslie Pike

Title: The Road to Paradise
Series: Paradise #3
Author: Leslie Pike
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 27, 2016


Happily ever after starts easy enough. It's what comes next that's the bitch. For JACK & NICKI and PAUL & BB the strength of their relationships are about to be proved, when life rocks their smooth rides and tumbles everyone's expectations in the air. When the fairytale gets real, it takes more than great sex to navigate THE ROAD TO PARADISE. It takes great love.

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Paul's powerful arms sweep me back into the motor home. He slams the door shut, then rips off my towel. It goes sailing through the air and lands in the kitchen sink. Jimi Hendrix is singing "Foxy Lady" in the background, and I'm feeling the vibe. My man's playing air guitar in the nude, and he's using his dick as the instrument. He knows every word and every lick of the song. It's an outstanding performance worthy of a Grammy. What a creative guy. When he mouths that I'm his little heartbreaker and a sweet love maker, he moves to the tip of his dick and gives it an extra flick. He's really getting into it as I watch him bite his lower lip. Makes me want to suck on it right now. First the lip and then more.

I start dancing freely around the compact space, a half naked flower child. The room's been decorated with 60's posters from the Fillmore West and Winterland. The Set Decorator was correct to assume I'd like that touch. We're in the mood. We may be stoned, but that won't stop us. Nothing does. Paul puts down his "guitar", then effortlessly lifts me onto the table. He unties my fringed vest and opens it so he can see my breasts. His mouth finds my nipples and he uses his tongue to tease them to hard peaks. I lean back onto my elbows and use my foot to gently push him away. I trace the contours of his impressive muscles, exploring the hills and valleys. Paul's motif would be one word. Hard.

He grabs my ankle. Lifting my foot to his lips, he starts with my toes, planting kisses all the way down to the back of my calf. I feel his warm breath behind my knee, then on the inside of my thigh. He gets within a few inches of my pussy, then pauses to catch my gaze.
"Here I come baby. I'm goin' to get you!" he shouts over the blasting music.

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Author Bio

Leslie Pike lives in Orange County, California, with her husband Don, and their Pom-Poo, Mr. Big. Before writing her first novel, Leslie worked as a screenwriter on episodic television. She’s traveled the world with her Stuntman/Stunt Coordinator/Second Unit Director husband. They’ve been on movie sets from Africa to Israel, from New York to Los Angeles. Some of Leslie’s favorite things include calligraphy, long walks with her friends and afternoons at the movies.

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