Monday 16 November 2020

Pre-order Blitz - Grave by Erin Trejo

Title: Grave
Series: Royal Devils MC: Chicago #1
Author: Erin Trejo
Genre: MC Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 11, 2021


I was left for dead. I had a plan the whole time, I just needed to execute it precisely. Silla wasn’t part of my plan but I couldn’t leave her on her own. Finding out who she was was a shock to me. Yet, I liked the mouthy girl and she would come in handy. Now we’re going to take over the club. One member at a time.




I take a deep breath before standing and glancing around. It feels like everything moves in slow motion. The bullets fly but I can’t hear a damn thing. One bullet rips through my side as I spin around to fire at whoever it was that shot me. Our eyes lock and just as I’m about to pull the trigger, he fires first. Each bullet hits me, knocking the air from my lungs. Pain radiates through my body as I slowly fall to the floor. The last person I see…is him.


USA Today Best-Selling Author. 
Erin is an author of all things Alpha. Her specialty is MC romance but loves to dip into dark romance too. She will weave you a story that will have you gasping for air as you try to figure out what's going to happen next. All of Erin's books will have some form of romance as well as suspense. With that being said you need to keep in mind that Erin's tagline is always true. Fairy Tales Don't Always Have A Happy Ending. Do you think you're ready to take the plunge into 
Connect with Erin! She loves her stalkers.


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