Monday 16 January 2023

Book Blitz - Roxie's Circus by Mary Oldham

Title: Roxie's Circus
Series: The Aphrodite Sisters #3
Author: Mary Oldham
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 29, 2022


It was a misunderstanding that tore them apart — Get ready for Mary Oldham’s next in the series, a reunion romance!

Roxie Martinelli was humiliated by her boyfriend in high school and never forgot it. After Jeff had given her a promise ring, they’d made love, and then he ruined it by blabbing to the entire football team! Thankfully her best friends, the Aphrodite Sisters, Sage, Kimberly, and her sister Toni, were there to comfort her and to help Roxie seek revenge… Now years later, when Jeff wants to come back into her life, Roxie has mixed emotions because even after all they’d been through, she’d never fallen out of love with him.

Jeff Samuels never forgot his first love. She was quirky, funny, and gorgeous, and the two were like peas in a pod. He tried to move on after she broke up with him but only regretted his decisions. Knowing the truth of what had happened all those years ago, Jeff was ready to come back home and make amends. But moving back to your childhood home where your mom hasn’t pulled down the posters on your bedroom wall makes you feel like you’ve been nowhere fast. But when fate brings the two face to face, Jeff realizes he has his work cut out for him. Roxie is one smart, sexy woman, and she’s not going to forgive quickly.

Jeff has a lot of wooing to do, including buttering up the Aphrodite sisters too, which was near impossible.



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Mary Oldham is a multi-award-winning author, and three-time Golden Heart Finalist with the Romance Writers of America in the areas of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. Mary resides in Portland, Oregon when she is not writing by the Pacific Ocean in scenic Yachats, the Gem of the Oregon Coast.

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