Wednesday 22 March 2023

Release Blitz - Kimberly's Reckoning by Mary Oldham

Title: Kimberly's Reckoning
Series: The Aphrodite Sisters #4
Author: Mary Oldham
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Workplace Romance/Second Chance at Love
Release Date: March 14, 2023


Kimberly – Of her tight circle of friends, who are her sisters from other misters and call themselves the Aphrodites, she has always been considered the edgiest and loosest of cannons punishing men who would hurt her sisters or herself. But when she discovers that her lover, who was supposed to be getting a divorce, isn’t, she breaks it off and walks away. Too bad he is her boss, and his wife has assessed 100% of the blame onto Kimberly. When she subsequently loses her job and struggles to find her new normal with a cat named Mr. Dan, it makes her realize that maybe it is time to admit that she isn’t the poor little girl raised by a single mother anymore. Perhaps it is time to see herself how her friends see her for the amazing woman she is.

Dexter  The last ten years of his life have been riddled with guilt. The love of his life died before his eyes, and he sees those horrifying images in his worst nightmares every night. By chance and fitting his loner personality, he’s a private detective finding lost pets and cheating spouses. Then, one woman hires him to find out who her husband has been having an affair with. Surprisingly, it is a woman he knows, one of those crazy Aphrodites named Kimberly. Before long, he cracks Kimberly’s hard shell to see the kind woman she had been trying to hide. She occupies his thoughts, and possibly life wants to give him another chance with this beautiful woman and her colorful past.



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Mary Oldham is a multi-award-winning author, and three-time Golden Heart Finalist with the Romance Writers of America in the areas of Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. Mary resides in Portland, Oregon when she is not writing by the Pacific Ocean in scenic Yachats, the Gem of the Oregon Coast.

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