Saturday 14 February 2015

Release Week Blitz- The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith

Title: The Gilded Cuff
Series: Surrender  #1
Author: Lauren Smith
Publisher: Forever Yours
Release Date: February 10, 2015

Every passion has its price . . .

Journalist Sophie Ryder has been following Emery Lockwood's story since she was a little girl. There has always been something in his haunted eyes that she couldn't resist and now, when she's certain he holds the key to solving a string of kidnappings, she'll do anything to speak to him. Even if it means venturing deep into the seductive world of the Gilded Cuff, a luxurious BDSM club on Long Island's Gold Coast and Emery's personal playground.

From the moment Sophie enters his shadowy, sensual domain, Emery Lockwood knows this tantalizing new little sub was meant to belong to him. However, Sophie wants more from Emery than just pleasure . . . she wants his past. And that is something he isn't willing to give-no matter who is asking. But every moment he spends with Sophie, Emery feels his control slipping and he knows it's only a matter of time before he surrenders to her heart, body, and soul.

The Gilded Cuff blew me away!! It was so much more and better than I expected it would be. It was magnificent and I wholeheartedly loved it!

Sophie Ryder is obsessed with Emery Lockwood's past. She believes that he can give her clues to help solve a kidnapping case and she'll do whatever it takes to talk to him, even if she has to go into a BDSM club to do it. No matter how much his story has fascinated her, nothing can prepare her for how the man himself captivates her mind, body, and soul.

Emery Lockwood doesn't talk about his past--with anyone--most especially not a reporter. However there is something about Sophie that enchants him. Before long, he finds himself agreeing to give her his story in exchange for her surrender. He's determined to keep his heart to himself, but the closer they get, the harder it becomes. 

I thought this book was going to have a lot of sex in it from start to finish and be like the standard BDSM books I've read, but that's not the case. The BDSM is actually pretty light--don't get me wrong--Emery is still very much a dominant man and he demands Sophie's surrender, but he's not that big on punishment and he lets her get away with a lot. I really loved that and that they build a relationship of trust and intimacy before going all the way. It made everything more special, meaningful, and passionate when they finally do come together. 

The Gilded Cuff is a dark, sensual tale that teases and tantalizes the senses. It's all about anticipation, seduction, and surrender. You will be every bit as enthralled with the story as Sophie is with Emery.

This book made me laugh and cry and smile. It squeezed my heart and choked me up. I was just completely invested in this story from the mystery and danger to the romance and passion. I can't tell you how much I loved this spectacular book and oh my gosh, I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the next one!!!

The Gilded Cuff is a standalone, it's told from multiple points of view and Emery and Sophie get their well-deserved HEA.
~ Review by Paige

LAUREN SMITH  was born and raised in Tulsa. She attended Oklahoma State University where she earned a B.A. in both history and political science. Drawn to paintings and museums, Lauren is obsessed with antiques and satisfies her fascination with history by writing and exploring exotic, ancient lands.

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