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Blog Tour - My Beautiful by J M La Rocca

It has been eight months since Scarlett Moore last saw Kade Evans. After being left hurt and confused she tried to forget about him, but he wasn’t easy to forget. She found herself thinking about him often. Even her best friend Jules did her best to get him off her mind by pushing her toward Bryce, the one person Scarlett was not sure she wanted to be involved with. When a new job opportunity is offered to her and Jules, they jump on it. The idea of starting over again and forgetting the past is enticing to Scarlett even if it moves her to Los Angeles, the same place Kade lives.
Kade Evans’ life revolved around his band, alcohol, drugs, and women…until he met Scarlett. She is the light to his darkness, his beautiful; the one that makes him see what the future might hold. That is, until his past came barreling back into his life, ruining everything. Hurting her was the last thing he wanted to do, but he did what he had to do to protect her. His plan is to find a way out of his new life before he tries to win her heart back. But life has a plan of its own and unexpectedly, Scarlett walks back into his life.
When they meet again, the fire she thought burned out is reignited and the plans he made are rearranged.
Just when things start to fall into place, they all seem to fall apart and the one person they think they can trust turns out to be the one to hurt them the most.


3.5 Stars of Twists Turns Revelations & Steam
The ending to JM La Rocca’s book 1, Lifeless, had me gripping my kindle till my knuckles were white. Part of me wanted to punch Kade Evans in the face but then Scarlett’s step-brother, Bryce, had me wanting to slap him. The only thing I was certain about was I that I wanted to hug Scarlett. Now don’t get me wrong no matter how infuriated I was with Kade, he is still sexy, dirty mouthed, a rocking body and rock star Kade Evans so of course I was excited to get my hands on him. But damn if I wasn’t left scratching my head with my jaw open; Kade or should I call him Nick DiCosola? Kade’s mobster of an uncle, Frank, enters back into his life, he reluctantly ends his relationship with Scarlett out of best interest for her own safety. Needless to say both characters are left with heartache and neither having a say how their relationship should go.

Kade Evans

My Beautiful picks up eight months following the ending of Lifeless. Scarlett remains heart broken by the departure of Kade and Kade’s life is plagued by the presence of his uncle, who demands his nephew learn the family business. Soon fate brings these two broken hearts back together. When Scarlett’s bestie, Jules is promoted to office manager of the new agency location in Los Angeles, she adds in Scarlett as part of the package deal. The friendship between these two still is a treat to read. Jules is my favorite secondary character and I would love to see her get her own spin-off series J Jules is spunky, feisty, and blunt. She helps bring Scarlett out of her funk while also acting as a protector and not so-good match maker lol

Not too long after Scarlett and Jules move to LA, Scarlett and Kade happen to attend the same club. And speakers weren’t the only thing thumping wildly, the sparks are still there and both hearts are overwhelmed at how much each other still cares for the other. I respected how maturely Scarlett handles the run-in. She didn’t run out of the club or hide in the bathroom, she dug deep and owned her confidence while inside she was aching. Yet, so much for avoiding him as Kade had other plans. The following day Kade pays a visit to Scarlett’s apartment in hope of gaining some sort of closure/offering his apologizes for the pain he has caused her.

"I did what I thought was best. I didn’t want to see you get hurt because of me, so I’m the one that had to hurt you in the end. I don’t even know if that makes sense. I want you to know that I’ve missed you ever single day. That connection we had when we first met, it hasn’t gone way."

The reunion between these characters was a tad predictable and unrealistic. However, because I am a cheerleader for this couple I did not mind it!

My Beautiful

What I had trouble comprehending was what the heck Bryce, or Kevin or whoever the hell he is, was up too? Since the ending of Lifeless, I have been suspicious of him. Then again JM La Rocca does an amazing job messing with your mind. You know the saying, no one or nothing is as it seems? Perfect notion for this story. Just when you thought you had one part of the puzzle put together, JM throws you for another loop.

The journey you go on with this couple is more than just sorting out their relationship status. The outside forces that intervene are thrillingly suspenseful. Crime, mob wars, drugs, kidnapping, beatings, freaking chill inducing crazy psychopath Paul, FBI, etc. So much is unraveled, so much erupts that JM will keep you flipping through the pages to see if your predictions are right. Oh and don’t worry she also packs the steam. Whew my kindle screen fogged up a couple times whenever sex and Kade Evans were involved. Damn that man and his mouth, his hands, his body - all will get your attention peaked as well as your hormones.

I saw tremendous growth from Kade and Scarlett as a couple. More communication, more thoughtfulness and stronger emotions. However, I didn’t see as much individual character growth as I would have liked. Kade falters back and forth between showing backbone and not towards his uncle. Scarlett forgave/jumped back into Kade’s arms and trust too easily and without hesitation she went head first back with him. I would of liked to see more questions for him from her.

JM La Rocca does a great job wrapping the story up. She connects all the dots and you get all the answers you are seeking. She does leave it open to where the story could progress more but at the same time you are left feeling satisfied with all the characters’ fates. Overall this series was pretty good but for me, book 1 was more attention keeping and flowed better than this one. Nevertheless, these are only the first two works by JM who I will most definitely be on the lookout for more books in the future!

"She’s my angel in this darkness
No matter how hard they pull.
One touch of her body, and I know
Ooh, she’s my beautiful."

"I told myself I was doing the right thing letting you walk out that night. I didn't want you anywhere near this shit storm that is my life now...I've thought about you every day since I left, and now that you're here...I can't let you go."

~ Review by Tori



I slowly walked up to her, lifting my hand up to caress her cheek. “I still can’t believe I’m here with you.” “Me too,” she sighed as she leaned into my hand. Lifting my other hand, I ran my fingers through her hair. I pulled the elastic band out and grasped her hair into my fist, then my mouth was on hers. She let out a soft moan as our lips finally connected, our tongues teasing and our teeth biting. My breaths were coming rapidly and I couldn’t contain my own hums of approval as she explored my body with her hands. Letting my hands drop, I found the tie that held her robe closed. I untied it and pulled it apart. My hands started to do their own exploring; it didn’t take long until I discovered she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I groaned and my cock twitched. I was now hard as a rock. I had to slow down before it was over faster than it started. I wanted to savor every moment. Slowly, I pulled my lips away and looked at her beautiful face. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips swollen and red. Just the sight of her in front of me all flushed and breathing heavily with her robe gaping open, made me want to throw her on the bed and fuck her into oblivion. But it would be over too soon for me. I wanted to taste every inch of her. Memorize every curve of her body, every moan that escaped her lips. I wanted to make her come until she begged me to stop. Only then would I succumb to my own needs. I lifted my hands up to her shoulders and gently pushed the robe back making it fall in a lump at her feet. “Go lay on the bed and spread your legs for me.” She hesitated for only a second. I said I would let her have control, but tonight I needed it. I had no control over anything else in my life at that moment, so right then, I needed the control. Especially after the night I had. I walked to the end of the bed as she got comfortable, resting her hands on her sides as she spread her legs for me. I could see goose bumps on her body as she bit her lower lip and gazed at me with hooded eyes. She was wet for me and I licked my lips in anticipation. I had to hold myself back from diving right in. Not once did I go down on anyone else while Scarlett and I were apart. Her taste and her smell were burned into my receptors and I didn’t want anything else to fuck that up. And right then, I needed a little reminding.

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J.M. La Rocca was born in Chicago, IL. At an early age, her family relocated to lower Alabama where she began her love for writing. She currently resides in Pensacola, FL with her husband and twin sons. As a stay at home mom, La Rocca was able to pursue her love for writing. It was always an unrealized dream to write her own book. With the encouragement of her mother, La Rocca began to set to paper her ideas for her first book.


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