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Release Day Blitz - Sweet Possession by J Daniels

Title: Sweet Possession
Series: Sweet Addiction #2
Author: J Daniels
 Release Date: September 19, 2014


A sassy, in-your-face baker. A panty-stealing, dirty-talking accountant. And a bathroom quickie that changed their lives forever.

Wedding hook-ups never amount to anything.

Unless that hook-up knocks you on your ass.

For Dylan Sparks and Reese Carroll, the big day can’t arrive soon enough. Dylan, stressed to the max from overbearing mothers and last minute preparations, struggles to keep her sanity. As for Reese, he’s fighting to not only keep his bride-to-be safe from creepy investors, but also to make it to the actual wedding day without losing his mind in the process.

Throw in a crazy group of friends, and a bachelor/bachelorette party weekend getaway, and you have a recipe for the sweetest wedding of the year.

Reese Carroll and Dylan Sparks cordially invite you to read Sweet Possession.

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A few short months ago, I picked up a book about a wedding hook-up and I loved it. It turned my mood around and it made me laugh. And it gave me serious ideas about nuptials, sexy accountants and all the dirty things you can (and should) do with icing. Learning that there was a sequel made me a little giddy. Reading and discovering it was even better than it's predecessor... *falls down dead*

Dylan Sparks wasn't expecting to meet the love of her life at her ex-boyfriend's wedding. And yet, she did. Now, she's mere days away from walking down the aisle and becoming Mrs Reese Carroll. But between now and the big day, Dylan has to deal with over-the-top parents, bickering employees, a bachelorette party weekend and the return of the sleazy, prick investor she'd hoped to never see again. If she can survive all that with her sanity intact, she'll get the sweetest treat of all. Her husband. Reese.

Sweet baby Jesus in a basket. This HAS to be one of the steamiest, sexiest and swoonworthiest (what, it could be a word!) books I've ever read. From the amusing opening chapter to the tear-making epilogue, I was so into this book, my house could have burned down and I probably wouldn't even have noticed. I was lucky enough to be a beta reader on this book and it was a thrill and a pleasure to see it come together. The final product was the exact right mix of humor, honesty and love (with a hefty helping of hot and dirty sex). The relationship between Dylan and Reese was exactly what I had wanted after reading the first book and the banter between them and their friends was real and really amusing. Even a few days after reading it, I'm still thinking about it and I suspect I will be for some time to come. If I could, I would give this book ten stars, because it deserves it. And because it's "the grandest gesture I can think of." <<-- PS That line?? Gets me every time.

Sweet Possession is the sequel to Sweet Addiction. You should most definitely read Sweet Addiction first. No cliffhanger.

~ Review by Beth


Reese and Dylan are back in J. Daniels second installment of her Sweet Addiction Series. In this book we catch up with the couple as they're getting ready to take their bathroom fling to the next level with a trip down the aisle. 

If you thought Sweet Addiction was hot, you ain't seen nothing yet. J. amps up the steam factor in Sweet Possession. In fact, just the sex scenes alone I'd give a standing O. Hang on to your ovaries ladies, my favorite dirty talking accountant just got HOTTER!

Sex aside, we get a great glimpse back in to these character's lives as they plan their wedding. Meddling mothers, a bachelorette party in the Big Easy and a lecherous business man I wanted to junk punch. Sweet Possession was a great followup to the first book. I would love to see some of the secondary characters get their own books too. (Joey and Billy *hint hint*) 

Carnal and comedic, Sweet Possession is getting 5 Sweet Stars.
~ Review by Erin



Author Bio

J. Daniels was born and raised in Maryland.

After putting her kids to bed, she escapes into her cheeky world where some of her characters kiss, and some of them do a lot more than kiss.

She is an avid reader and enjoys everything from unconventional romance to fantasy novels.

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