Thursday, 26 November 2015

Review - How to Fall by Rebecca Brooks

Title: How to Fall
Author: Rebecca Brooks
Release Date: November 16, 2015

One week of adventure might just lead to love…

Julia Evans has always put others ahead of herself--her high school math students, her troubled best friend, and her ex. But with New Year's approaching, she buys a round trip ticket to Brazil. For one week, she can put her needs first. She can meet a stranger in the hotel pool at midnight and dance all night on the beach.

Screenwriter Blake Williams has to keep moving before Oz's latest scandal catches up to him. But the dark-haired beauty with a backpack and an adventurous streak is messing with his plans. He can't seem to walk away from her. But secrets have a way of coming out, and when the week is up, Julia and Blake will have to decide if they're jumping into the biggest adventure of all or playing it safe.

I will never look at a swimming pool in the same way….

Have you ever felt like escaping your life for a while—for a day, for a week—and doing something extraordinarily different? Doing something that you wouldn’t normally do? Julia Evans is doing just that as she escapes the snowy city to vacation for an entire week in beautiful Brazil. She had a plan to not have a plan, to do whatever she felt like in the moment. Little did she know that would be Blake Williams… 

Struck by his accent and his striking pose in board shorts, stumbling across Blake in her sun-soaked vacation provided more adventure and ‘out of her comfort zone’ moments than she could have hoped for. Would she be ready, and able, to give him up at the end of the week?

After a bit of a slow start, this story seemed to snowball in a panty-melting, emotion-filled romance that read way too quickly. Alternating between both Julia and Blake’s points of view, their inner thoughts made each encounter more intense and emotional. I thought, at first, this might be fluffy and fun read—and it is—but it turned into that and so much more. They each are struggling to find their true place as they come to a crossroads, whether hitting the big 3-0 or suffering a life crisis. 

Whether having deeper conversations, lighthearted moments, or giving in to the attraction they both feel (oh, the pool scene… sigh… that pool scene) each encounter is deliciously painted with humor, emotion or laughter. And sometimes a tantalizing combination of all three.

“That’s why you were so amazing last night.”
“Because I’m a writer?”….
“You’re in porn.”

Secrets are revealed and questionable decisions are made but at the end of the day they both dig deeper to reach for what they really want out of life. Loved it! 
~ Review by Diane

Rebecca Brooks lives in New York City in an apartment filled with books. She received a PhD in English but decided it was more fun to write books than write about them. She has backpacked alone through India and Brazil, traveled by cargo boat down the Amazon River, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, explored ice caves in Peru, trekked to the source of the Ganges, and sunbathed in Burma, but she always likes coming home to a cold beer and her hot husband in the Bronx. 

Her books are about independent women who leave their old lives behind to try something new--and find the passion, excitement and purpose they didn't know they'd been missing.

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