Thursday, 12 November 2015

Review - Operation Foreplay by Christine Hughes

Title: Operation Foreplay
Author: Christine Hughes
Release Date: November 10, 2015


Melody Ashford hates waiting for anything-especially sex. But after a disastrous affair and a one-nighter with Mr. Micropenis, Mel realizes she's suffering from some bad bedroom juju. And no amount of hot, casual, or friends-with-benefits hookups is going to fix it. Instead, Mel's decided to resist the demands of her ladyparts.

Saying no might have been no problem . . . except that her temporary roommate, Jared Myers, is all kinds of hot male sex on a stick. Now Mel is consumed by all manner of dirty thoughts, and remembering why she decided to "go slow" is getting harder and harder . . .

Oh, how I loved spending my weekend catching up with this fabulous group of friends. This time around we have Melody in the spotlight—a bright, shiny, “cop interrogation” spotlight that’s making her a bit uncomfortable with her life choices and rash decisions. See, Mel is all about instant gratification—she’s not a patient person, especially when it comes to her pleasure, and yeah, she really likes to… err, come.

To prove to her best friends she’s in “control” of things, Melody accepts the bet from her best friends that puts her ladybits on hiatus for a few weeks. Which is perfect timing for Mel to become reacquainted with Jared Myers. And of course, now all she can think about is all the dirty things she’d like to do to and with one hot-as-hell, sex-on-a-stick Jared Myers. 

But good things come to those who wait, right? Yeah, except the waiting may just kill both of them…

Sigh. I just love these characters. Melody. Damn, she’s one stubborn, seize the moment and fuck the consequences personality. Until now. Now when she’s finally opening her eyes to the world around her, she’s realizing that her group of friends really are moving forward with their lives. Sarah and Drew are together and Caroline and Patrick are living together. Sure, the girls are still her best friends and best confidantes, but something is missing. She’s just not sure how to deal with this new reality and it’s hilarious and heartwarming to see her work through things. 

Jared is swoonworthy. And he and Melody are so alike it’s scary. Their relationship is full of laugh-out-loud witty banter and crazy moments. Trust me when I tell you to not be drinking or eating when you read this because you will spit food and drink. And don’t even think about not reading this in one sitting—you’ll have to know how the bet ends. To see it through to the climax. 
~ Review by Missy

Christine Hughes is a former middle school English teacher from New Jersey. Her first novel Torn, a YA paranormal, was named a 2012 Hollywood Book Festival Finalist and a 2012 RONE Awards finalist and has been released by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, as has its sequel, Darkness Betrayed. Her stand-alone NA romance, Three Days of Rain, was a finalist at the 2013 Paris Book Festival and also has a home with CHBB.

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