Thursday 17 June 2021

Release Blitz - My Reward by Jennifer Hanks

Title: My Reward
Series: Elite Securities #3
Author: Jennifer Hanks
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 17, 2021


In Noah Striker’s world, control is everything.

Throughout his life, he’s learned the ramifications of trusting another person and refuses to be seen as weak or vulnerable again. The only person he wants the world to see is the hard, unbending man he’s become.

But that all changes when he’s assigned to protect Beth Sullivan.

For four years, he watches quietly from a distance, never understanding his need to keep her safe or the loyalty he feels, but when another threatens her, keeping his distance is no longer an option.

Neither is denying the passion that’s always lingered between them.

With an enemy on the hunt, Noah Striker will face the fight of his life.

But can he relinquish the control he’s always believed saved him in order to save her?



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Standing in front of her, I waited but realized she wasn’t going to look at me until I encouraged her. “Beth.”
She slowly raised her head, but her eyes only met mine for a brief second before looking over my shoulder. “Yes.”
Her voice was quiet, so quiet it was hard to hear her, and I knew a lot of that had to do with her shyness, but I also recognized fear when I saw it, so I lowered my voice. “I’m Striker. I’ll be taking you to the safe house.”
She swallowed hard and glanced at me before looking away. “Are you my bodyguard or something?”
No, I wasn’t a bodyguard. I’d never been a bodyguard, nor did I want to be. I wasn’t the kind of man who cared enough to watch over someone. My job was to drop her at the safe house and leave. Brody would assign someone to watch over her. I was a tracker with a fucking job to do, and that job didn’t leave me time for much else.
When I didn’t answer, she slowly shifted her eyes back to mine. I held her stare, her green eyes burning into mine and causing a pain in my chest I’d never felt before. “Striker?” she said quietly.
“Yeah,” I responded, but when my voice was gruff, I cleared my throat. “What?”
“Is your job to keep me safe?” she asked quietly.
I exhaled loudly and shook my head slowly. That was not my job. But then why did the idea of someone hurting her fill me with an inexplicable amount of rage?
When she averted her eyes, I cursed to myself. I hated losing her eyes. Wanting them back, I said, “Beth.” She slowly lifted her head and met my eyes. Calmness washed over me almost immediately, and nearly without my consent, I nodded. “Yeah, I’m gonna keep you safe.”
And I was going to make sure she never felt fear again.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Jennifer Hanks is the author of The Dimarco Series as well as The Elite Securities Series. Her stories are contemporary romance and romantic suspense, all with the underlying message of the power and strength in love. She’s also a sucker for a Happily-Ever-After. Her love of reading and books in general started at a very young age and has steadily grown into a love of writing as well. She admits to being addicted to all things romance and has no plans of quitting her habit. Jennifer lives in Pennsylvania with her two children. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found with her kids at their various activities. Her house is frequently filled with any combination of her children’s friends, nieces, nephews and a variety of pets.


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