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Title: Gorgeous Chaos
Series: Beautiful Mess #3
Author: T.K. Leigh
Release Date: May 5, 2014

How long can you keep a secret from the one you love? How can you possibly say the words that will rip both your worlds apart?

Finally able to face her fears of abandonment, Olivia Adler begins to prepare for the next phase of her life. But Alexander Burnham is still holding on to all the secrets about Olivia’s past, trying to protect her. As days go by, Olivia is slowly starting to remember her past and Alexander realizes it’s only a matter of time until she puts all the pieces together and figures out who he is…

And who she is...

But if she remembers, her life could be in even more danger than it already is. And Alexander cannot have that happen. When shadows of Olivia’s past threaten not only her life, but also those around her, will Alexander finally put Olivia’s needs ahead of his? Will she be able to put all the pieces of her past together in order to save her own life and those she’s close to? Can she figure out who she can trust and who is threatening her very existence? Gorgeous Chaos is the explosive conclusion to T.K. Leigh’s Beautiful Mess series.



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I'm not sure where to start on my review for Gorgeous Chaos by TK Leigh. This is one of my top 2 series, and to say I was anxiously awaiting this book would be an understatement. A Beautiful mess and A Tragic Wreck sucked me in so bad I had the worst book hangover. I fell in love with Alexander Burnham from the very beginning. He is that HOT ALPHA MALE us ladies dream about. When Gorgeous Chaos was finally in my hands I wanted to take it nice and slow, absorbing every bit of Mr. Burnham. TK Leigh knows how to make you experience every possible emotion. I have to admit, there were some parts in this book I had trouble reading...not wanting to go on because I was so emotionally invested in these characters I thought......"This can't be happening." But, of course, I had to keep going because I was dying to see if Alexander and Olivia get their Happily Ever After that they both so desperately deserve. And by the way, the Prologue BLEW MY FREAKIN' MIND!!
I believe that there are books out there that set the bar for readers....they are different for everyone. No matter what you read, you will always compare it to...Yes, it was as good as....No, didn't even come close to....This series is that for me. TK Leigh you set the bar high and I hope I will be able to find a series in the future that comes close to this one. I give this book as well as this entire series a definite 5 stars (would give more if I could)!  Life after Alexander Burnham.....what to do what to do.....
~ Review by Stacey
☆☆☆☆☆ 5 I LOVE MR. BURNHAM STARS ☆☆☆☆☆

Gorgeous Chaos by T.K. Leigh was just an absolutely F*CKING AMAZING conclusion to the Beautiful Mess series!!! I am in awe of Ms. Leigh’s writing. She did it once again, with her final installment of the Beautiful Mess series, she had me glued to my kindle and had me devouring this book in one sitting. I loved every moment in this final installment. From the first page to the very last page, I was hooked and could not put this book down. When I reached the last page in my kindle, I was literally a beautiful mess. I didn’t want to say goodbye to Olivia and Alexander and had tears streaming down my face. Seriously, I think Ms. Leigh should put warning labels in her books. I have never read a series that CONSUMED and made me FEEL. Gorgeous Chaos took me on one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride that I felt every ounce of RAW emotions being poured out in each page.  

Gorgeous Chaos picks off where it last left off in A Tragic Wreck, Olivia and Alexander are engaged and ready to tie the knot. But one secret has yet to be revealed, the TRUTH of Olivia’s real identity. For years, Sarah Olivia Adler has been told lies and thought she was alone. And the only person who knows the real Olivia is her love, Mr. Burnham. There is no doubt that Alex will move heavens and earth to protect his Olivia. His love for her is what others would be jealous to have. It’s pure, real and heartfelt.

When Olivia’s past and dreams begins to slowly creep back, Alex is torn in what to do. Should he tell her the truth? Or will the truth only expose the hidden dangers and threats facing Olivia? As he struggles to keep Olivia safe, his love for her is so STRONG. He lost Olivia once and he vows to never let that happen again even if it means hiding the truth and hurting Olivia. Will Olivia finally learn the truth of the green eyed boy in her dreams? And how far will Alex go to protect Olivia? He lost Olivia once...will she be strong enough once she learns the truth?

If there was a LOVE that was MEANT TO BE, it would have to be Olivia and Alexander. The love that these two had for each other radiates and are evoked in every word, looks, song and physical connection exchanged. The chemistry between Alex and Olivia is one of those connection that has no words. It was raw and heartfelt. After twenty years of having this empty void, it was like the heavens were finally blessing Alex and Olivia to finally get their chance at a happily ever after. They were each other’s missing piece and glue. Alex was the glue who finally could piece Olivia’s heart together. Furthermore, the sexual chemistry between Alex and Olivia were off the charts. I mean it was a blazing inferno!! It was steamy, sensual, and passionate.

Oh Mr. B.. I LOVE YOU!!! In my personal opinion, Mr. Burnham is PERFECTION. How can you not love a man who LOVES wholeheartedly. What truly amazes me of Mr. B is how strong and deep his LOVE for Olivia is.. No matter how many years has passed, there is only one person who holds his heart and that his OLIVIA!!! Sigh!!

Gorgeous Chaos was just one of those books that I absolutely LOVED the emotional roller-coaster Ms. Leigh took her readers on. Yes, this book had so many twist and turns and I didn’t know what surprises Ms. Leigh had in store for us but I loved every minute of it. I cried, swooned, had my heart broken, and ugly cried again. This series had everything that I loved from romance, sexual chemistry, angst, suspense and mystery. I loved everything in this series and could not find one thing I would change. Ms. Leigh did a brilliant job in captivating the readers in the beautiful journey of Alexander and Olivia. Their characters were portrayed as so honest and raw that you were able to feel every emotion that they evoked from sadness, happiness, love, heartache, anger and bliss. Ms. Leigh took me on hell of emotional ride. So many tears were shed when it came to Olivia and Alexander. This couple literally gutted my heart. I felt every ounce of their pain, hurt, heartbreak, love and happiness. Each moment they were apart and together, you could feel how much they loved each other. Every song and words exchange were so heartfelt and meaningful.

If you haven’t read the Beautiful Mess Series, I highly suggest you do. This series is in my top favorites for it will capture any readers attention since it truly shows the love of a man who never stopped loving his first love and a woman whose tragic past continues to haunt her from truly loving and being loved. Ms. Leigh writes such an emotional tale of true love that it will capture any hearts. She will grip you in this heartwrenching, touching and beautiful tale of first love, second chances, friendship and family.

All of the best love stories have one thing in common, you have to go against the odds to get there. And Alex and Olivia showcased that their LOVE story is FATED and MEANT TO BE. Though their love may be described as a Beautiful Mess, a Tragic Wreck and a Gorgeous Chaos, Alex and Olivia proved true love exists. Overall, all I can say is that this series took my heart, twisted it around, tore it to pieces, and slowly taped it back together. So if you haven’t read A Beautiful Mess and A Tragic Wreck, I highly recommend you do. You do not want to miss an epic, heartbreaking, beautiful fated romance that will have you yearning for more. What I truly love about Ms. Leigh is that she writes beautiful, captivating, heartbreaking, and touching stories that grips you, touches you and stays with you. And The Beautiful Mess Series was a perfect example of this. The storyline is original, the characters were genuine and honest and the emotions were raw.

~ Review by Michelle

This is by far my favorite out of the trilogy.
In this book it shows how much Olivia has grown, she is actually a lot stronger. Not whiny, I'm a victim kinda girl any longer. She started to treat Alexander a lot better, because to me he didn't deserve any less. Mr. Burnham is the reason why I kept reading this whole trilogy. He was a real ALPHA male and in my opinion, he was too much of a man for Olivia.

In this book Olivia started to piece her memories together and started to remember her past. As for Alexander, he kept trying to keep her away from her past as long as he could. Even though he wanted to tell Olivia everything, he couldn't. He wanted to keep Olivia safe from everything, if keeping her past from her is what will do that and so be it. Alexander will risk everything for Olivia, even losing her as his lover. Which is a lot better than losing her all together, if she ends up getting killed.

When Olivia started to remember her past, she couldn't handle it and as the girl that she is she left Alexander. Even though she did that again, Alexander never left her. He stayed around, even outside her house, to make sure she's safe. Olivia had the best of friends, they always looked at the good side of Alexander and they always made Olivia think.

When Olivia finally got to her senses, she came crawling back to Alexander and they work on the past and present life including Olivia's dad. They worked on getting all danger out of the way so they can start their life together.

All in all I give this book 4 stars, because it was intense and because of Mr. Burnham.

~ Review by Neilliza


T.K. Leigh
T.K. Leigh, otherwise known as Tracy Leigh Kellam, is a producer / attorney by trade. Originally from New England, she now resides in sunny Southern California with her husband, dog and three cats, all of which she has rescued (including the husband). Her debut novel “A Beautiful Mess” has garnered relative praise, having been an Amazon Best Seller, as well a Number 1 Best Seller in Romantic Suspense, Women’s Action and Adventure Fiction, Women’s Crime Fiction, and Women’s Psychological Fiction. Recently, the book was named by The Guardian as a top reader-recommended self-published book of 2013 as well as a 2013 Reader’s Favorite in Publisher’s Weekly in addition to being named an Amazon Romance Editor’s Fan Favorite for Top Debut Author and Best Page Turner. The sequel to “A Beautiful Mess”, entitled “A Tragic Wreck”, became an Amazon Top-50 Best Selling Book on the day of its release. It is also an Amazon Number 1 Best Seller in Women’s Sagas, Women’s Psychological Fiction, Women’s Action and Adventure Fiction, and Women’s Crime Fiction. When she’s not planted in front of her computer, writing away, she can be found running and training for her next marathon (of which she has run over fifteen fulls and far too many halfs to recall). Unlike Olivia, the main character in her Beautiful Mess series, she has yet to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

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