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Title: Lucky Numbers
Series: TroubleMaker #3
Author: Kelly Gendron
Release Date: April 29, 2014

One locked safe, a troublemaking tattoo, and two determined people… add up to unlocked secrets and a love that just won’t stop.
Luke “Lucky” O’Conner is a committed bachelor. His motto…“Nobody’s ever getting this Lucky.” So when Kaley Harlow walks into his tattoo shop and somehow leaves with the only record of the numbers to his new safe tattooed on her sexy little hip, Lucky’s motto is threatened. If he wants to see those numbers again, he has to get close. Closer than he’s ever gotten to any woman. And he has three weeks to do it.
Kaley Harlow, a happily washed-up former child star, is out to ruin her reputation. She’s through with people looking at her like she’s still that innocent little girl in pigtails. Not to mention, her agent has just signed her up for a movie contract. But, really, all Kaley wants is to start a new life and finally go to college.
When Lucky happens into Kaley’s life for the second time, the hot, tattooed badass is exactly what she needs to sabotage her image. But this badass has a secret, one that could ruin more than just Kaley’s reputation.


*Ahem* Truth. If my tattoo artist was Lucky O'Connor, I'd have more than two tattoos. I'd have several. Hundreds, in fact. Anything to get me back in the chair, near him. Whew, is anyone else hot?? So I guess y'all can tell that I have a new book boyfriend, huh? What gave me away? The raving about additional tats? Or maybe the fact that I could not put Lucky Numbers down? There's a song that goes "she's up all night to get lucky" and it totally applies in this situation. I was up wayyyyyyy past my bedtime reading this book and then up at the crack of dawn to finish it (although the baby may also have factored in my early rising time).

Lucky has plans. He already owns two successful tattoo parlours and he's about to expand his chain by two more. After safely sealing his collateral in a new safe, he watches as the written record of the combination is destroyed and he needs to make a new record of it before he forgets. In the middle of an altercation between one of his staff and a tipsy client, he finds that the only ink he has on hand is tattoo ink. Luckily, there's a gorgeous canvas in the form of Kaley Harlow in front of him to...write on - only she doesn't know just how important her new tattoo is about to become. Kaley is a former child star looking to sully her reputation so she can move on with her life and her first port of call is Lucky's tattoo parlour. She takes one look at the sexy badass and is immediately attracted to him. After embarrassing herself and getting her tattoo, she leaves the shop assuming she'll never see Lucky again. Until he needs to get a look at her hip, that tattoo and his combination....

I absolutely loved this book. Aside from causing me some major eye baggage from lack of sleep, there wasn't a thing about it I didn't enjoy. I haven't read the first two TroubleMaker books but I'm going to now. Lucky Numbers dropped hints about the couples introduced in the previous books without making me feel like I was missing something important, while also intriguing me enough to go one-click them. It also introduced a juicy story for book four - another future one-click. I've already waxed lyrical about my adoration of Lucky - who is big hearted and obviously stubborn in addition to being a sexy, tattooed badass - so maybe I should tell you why I also liked Kaley? She was sweet, and determined to change her life. It was great to see her learn to trust and grow. She was a little bit shy but also brave. She seemed like someone I'd like to be friends with. Speaking of which, her "pretty awesome" friend, Marisa, was a hoot too. I do so love secondary characters that make you sit up and pay attention. There were a few of those in this book. I wasn't originally going to read Lucky Numbers (because I hadn't read the earlier books) but I am so, so glad it did. I definitely got lucky.

This is the third book in the TroubleMakers series but can be read as a standalone, no cliffhanger.

~ Review by Beth

I have not read Books 1 and 2 in this series but when I saw the incredibly HOT cover and realized you didn't need to read the first 2 books to enjoy this one I thought heck yeah! I have to admit, this was my first romance novel with a tattoo artist so I was a little bit weary. fell in love with Lucky! The author really knew how to give you a visual of everything that was going on in this book. The intimate scenes were so hot, they were melting off the page. I read this in one day, could not put it down and was so happy there was no cliffhanger. I give this book 5 stars and am going to enjoy my first tattooed book boyfriend. Congrats Kelly Gendron on an excellent book!

~ Review by Stacey

It all started with 5 Numbers. A can of pepper spray. Then a tattoo! I enjoyed this book. It was written well and just an all around good read. I loved Lucky! I’m partial to hot and tatted men! Throw in the fact that he’s a protective Alpha male with a sad past, Yummy!  I have always liked all of Kelly’s books that I’ve read and this one did not disappoint! I will give Lucky Number 4.5 Stars!
~ Review by Jordan
Kelly Gendron

Kelly resides in a quiet suburb somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY. Her day job? Kelly's worked in the healthcare field for years, representing a group of reputable nursing facilities in the WNY area. She's been faithfully writing for three years. However, she wrote her first book ten years ago but had to put it down to raise her son as a single mom. When her son got a little older, she was able to pick it back up. That's when she settled into her newly married life and started to seriously write again. Kelly loves to hear from her readers! Visit her Blog, FB Page, Goodreads, Twitter. You can find all the links on her Website~

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