Tuesday 13 May 2014

Review - Bang by E K Blair


Title: Bang
Series: Black Lotus #1
Author: E K Blair
Release Date: May 22, 2014
They say when you take revenge against another you lose a part of your innocence.
But I’m not innocent.
I haven’t been for a very long time.
My innocence was stolen from me. Taken was the life I was supposed to have. The soul I was born with. The ruby heart embedded in a life full of hopes and dreams.
I never even had a choice.
I mourn that life.
Mourn the what-ifs.
Until now.
I’m ready to take back what was always meant to be mine.
But every plan has a fatal flaw.
Sometimes it’s the heart.
**Due to the dark and explicit nature of this book, it is recommended for mature audiences only as some scenes may be particularly disturbing.**



6 Bangin' Stars

Oh. My. God! What the hell did I just read?! And I totally mean that in a good way. This book consumed my entire day, it was unputdownable, it was dark, it was raw. I am typically not a fan of any books that have BDSM elements, in fact, I go out of my way to avoid them. I know I am in the minority when I say that I was not a fan of FSOG, any book that says, "If you enjoyed FSOG read this book," I deliberately skip over. But this book, this book was so freaking good!

There is a ton that goes on in this story, it's like an onion, layers upon layers upon layers. It's deep, visceral and has massive WTF moments. This is a book of vengeance and redemption, about taking back the life that was given to you to find the life you want. I really do not want to go in to a ton of detail because it's going to be extremely hard to write a spoiler free review there is just so much to this book.

I normally take a day or two to even process a book before I attempt to write a review, I had to get this down right away because of the emotional and psychological high I am feeling, I know I'm going to crash soon from it. Because this book was the epitome of a mind fuck. It's brilliant, it's well written and it's completely consumed my thoughts. All I can tell you is to read this book. Drop everything right now and hit that little 1-click button if you need a sexy ass, thrill ride of a story. This is that and then some.

~ Review by Erin

☆ ☆ ☆☆ 4.5 BANG STARS ☆ ☆ ☆☆

BANG…. E.K. Blair is a freaking evil brilliant genius.. Literally, this book started off with a bang and ended with a BIG BANG!!! Hold on to the edge of your seats, Ms. Blair will take you on one hell of a dark twisted suspense filled ride that will have you guessing and holding onto your breath on what will happen next. Expect the unexpected and know that no one is innocent.  Forget the HEA because there is none when innocence is lost and tarnished. Bang will leave you glued to your kindle and devouring each page. It is a twisted dark tale of revenge, lies, adultery, deceit and suspense. Prepare to get captivated and consumed with BANG!!

Bang took me on one hell of a whirlwind emotional ride.. I felt love, hate, anger, disgust, resentment, and vengeance. This book chronicles a woman’s tale as she plots out her quest for revenge. Bang consumed me…I was on the verge of pulling my hair out as Nina aka Elizabeth brought out all the dark emotions. You can’t help but hate her but you are drawn and captivated by her deceitful and manipulative ways. Her reasonings for vengeance had me questioning her morals but hate consumed her and she only saw RED.

Without giving away anything to the plot, BANG must be read and experienced. Be prepared to be bewitched with E.K. Blair’s phenomenal writing and storytelling. BANG will leave you stunned and have you applauding Ms. Blair with her shocking twist of events. BANG is gripping, captivating, consuming, demanding, and off the charts amazing!! This story will stay with you and have you saying Holy Shit... did that really happened!!  

Bravo Ms. Blair for another fantastic book!! If BANG ended with BANG, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the next book.


~ Review by Michelle

Oh My Gosh! This book blew me away!! I was confused at first with what was going on. I wasn’t really sure what was happening, then BAM!! E.K Blair did an amazing job at executing this book! I usually don’t like cliff hangers and avoid them, but boy am I glad I read this one! So now I’m on pins and needles waiting for the next book because the way Bang ended was a complete SHOCK! You will not regret reading this book! It was definitely an amazing 5 Star read for me!! Great Job E.K Blair!

~ Review by Jordan

USA Today bestselling author and International bestselling author, E.K. Blair takes her readers on an emotional roller coaster with her dynamic and intense writing style. Noted for her ability to create fleshed-out characters that will evoke a realm of reactions, you can be assured that her stories will linger with you far beyond the last word.
A former first grade teacher with an imagination that runs wild. Daydreaming and zoning out is how she was often found in high school. Blair tends to drift towards everything dark and moody. Give her a character and she will take pleasure in breaking them down, digging into their core to find what lies underneath.
Aside from writing, E.K. Blair finds pleasure in music, drinking her Starbucks in peace, and spending time with her friends. She’s a thinker, an artist, a wife, a mom, and everything in between.


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