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Title: Home
Author: Rachel Smith
Series: Glenview #1
Release Date: March 20, 2014

After twelve years on top of the charts, country music superstar Lily Rae has decided to hang up the microphone and move home.  Becoming Lillian Raftzen again is harder than she anticipated and soon, it seems running home is not enough to escape from her manipulative ex-agent, who not only threatens to end her happiness, but her life.

When the girl of his dreams walks back into his life twelve years later, Justin DeLuca realizes as much as he loves her, she is no longer the girl he remembers. With everything they must overcome, can the two of them make their dreams come true?  Lily’s dream to sing and Justin’s dream for a family are so very far from the same path.  But by veering off course they find a new dream on a new path ending up right where it all began…..home.

Clichés are clichés  for a reason. They're true. "Home is where the heart is" is the epitome of a cliché. And that's what Home (the book) is all about. Going back to the place you love, to the people you love, rediscovering - or even changing - your dreams. Following your heart back to the place you really belong. It's a nice idea and, as someone that lives far from home, one that resonated with me.

Lily Raftzen has been at the top of the country music game for a dozen years but now, it's time to go home. After living her dream - and discovering it's not all it's cracked up to be - all she wants is to be left alone, to get control of her life back and to be with her family and her best friend since childhood, Justin DeLuca. Justin has been waiting 12 years for the girl he loves to come home. Now she's back and he's prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her with him always - and with her life threatened, that's not so easy.

There's an easiness to Home that I truly enjoyed. Yes, there was mystery. Yes, there was a twist. And yes, there was some sadness. But it was still what I'd call a "summer" read. It's light - nothing too taxing or depressing. Easily read in a few hours (preferably on a beach, cocktail in hand), with a few smiles along the way. Lily and Justin are a good pair. Their shared history is only briefly touched on but you can tell there's something there from the way they are together. The flashbacks to Lily's life as Lily Rae, country star, give flesh to the story and fuel to the central mystery. There are secondary characters that can, and likely will, have their own stories told. If they are anything like Home, I'd like to read those stories.

This is a standalone book, no cliffhanger.
~ Review by Beth

Home was a fun little story with some suspense elements thrown in. After being told her entire childhood she'd never make it as a country star, Lillian leave home for Nashville to make her dreams come through. She's discovered almost immediately and so begins her road to super stardom. Her dreams have all come true, but not without a price, she's fed up with the life she thought she wanted and just wants to go back Home.

Justin has loved Lillian as long as he can remember, but Lily Rae is not the girl he knew. When she waltzes back in to town, can he put aside his anger at her leaving or have they just grown too far apart?

I have to say that this book wasn't my favorite. I didn't love it, I liked it. I had a really hard time establishing a connection to these characters. While it wasn't a hit or a miss for me, somewhere in between, there were certain aspects of the story that were good and parts I did enjoy. Overall, it was a good plot but like I said earlier, I just lacked a connection with the characters.
~ Review by Erin
“I can’t do this anymore,” I said as I closed my eyes.  I grabbed my phone, pushed a couple buttons and put it to my ear.

“Who are you calling?” Sarah asked.

I just shook my head and looked to the floor.  I heard the call be picked up on the other side.
“Lillian, it’s late, is everything okay?”

“Mr. Vangoal.  Sorry to bother you at this hour.  I need to meet with you immediately.  Can you be in Des Moines, Iowa by tomorrow afternoon?” I asked.

Sarah’s eyebrows scrunched in confusion, likely wondering why I was calling my lawyer at 11:30pm after having a nervous breakdown.

“I think that should be ok, Lillian.  I’ll have my secretary check in the morning and let you know the details.  Are you in some kind of trouble?” he asked.

“No trouble.  I just need your help.”

“Okay,” he said, but I could hear the concern in his voice.

“Thank you.  And please, this meeting needs to be confidential,” I stressed.

“As always, Miss Raftzen.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”   “Good night Mr. Vangoal.”

I pushed the button to end the call and tossed my phone onto the bed.

“Can you please share with me what the hell is going on?” Sarah asked.

 I stood on shaky legs and walked to make sure the door was securely locked.  As I turned around, I could see the worry on Sarah’s face.  I was always so strong and composed.  Very rarely did I fall apart.  And when I did it was always when I was completely alone.  But now, the wetness that had hit my eyes was beginning to take form and fall down my cheeks in a steady stream.

“I’m going to meet with my lawyer tomorrow afternoon in Des Moines,” I said quietly.  “And together we’re going to begin the process of me quitting the Country Music business.”

Oh my God,” Sarah breathed.

“I’m done.”  I said.  Then the sob broke from my throat and tore completely through my body.  In between hiccupping breaths I looked at my best friend and said the words I never thought I’d hear myself say, “I want to home.”


Rachel Smith was born and raised in small-town Iowa.  After spending a few years in the “big city” she now lives with her husband and two children in Clear Lake.  She works part time from home and spends the rest of her time exercising, reading and taking care of her family.  Having always had a vivid imagination, Rachel decided to bring her characters to life in Home, her debut novel.


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