Thursday, 5 November 2015

Review - The Exhibitionist by Tara Sue Me

Title: The Exhibitionist
Series: Submissive #6
Author: Tara Sue Me
Release Date: November 3, 2015

How far can a true submissive romance go? Abby and Nathaniel push their limits as the New York Times bestselling Submissive Series continues.…

She’s ready for even more.…

When Abby West discovered her submissive desires, she felt like she was born anew. But lately, her Dominant husband hasn’t been the demanding Master who once fulfilled her every passion. Abby begins to crave something else—and to wonder if Nathaniel can still push her past her boundaries to the places she craves.

Nathaniel knows that Abby belongs to him completely, but even he can’t ignore the pleasure on her face as they get to know their new BDSM group. They’ve invited Nathaniel to guide their group to a new level, and he’s promised to show them the way, even as he recommits to fulfilling his beautiful submissive wife’s every desire. Only this time, uncovering her sexual limits may also expose their relationship to more conflict than it can withstand.…

Whoa. This. Book. I think it might be knocking out The Submissive as my favorite in the series. Let me tell you why…

Abby and Nathaniel West are now happily married. Living, loving, enjoying their two young children. They've carved out time to be Master and submissive. But after ten years, there is a bit of a dimming of their spark. Abby and Nathaniel absolutely love and adore each other, and their “playroom” time is still amazing and gratifying, but Abby’s fantasies and Nathaniel’s assumptions may just rock their foundation to the core.

Abby’s much more comfortable in her skin and her role in the D/s dynamic. She’s not afraid to share her fantasies and desires. Nathaniel wants nothing more than to fulfill and meet all of Abby’s sexual needs. And Abby’s revealed she’s ready for more play in BDSM. After all their years together, Nathaniel thinks he knows Abby almost better than she knows herself. But does he really? Will he really take her as far as she wants to go or will he push her to where he thinks she’s desiring?

I love this series. And I love this “real” take on Abby and Nathaniel’s relationship, now in it’s tenth year. It’s rare that we as a reader get to “see” what’s going on with a couple this far into a relationship. Like all relationships, a D/s one takes a lot of work, love and nurturing. Sometimes relationships get stale, predictable and it takes a lot of effort and communication to get the spark back. I love how Abby and Nathaniel aren’t afraid to fight for what they want—especially when all they want is each other.

What I want now is Sasha and Cole’s book. I need a Dom to make that happen.
~ Review by Missy

Tara Sue Me is the New York Times bestselling author of the Submissive series, including The Enticement, The Training, The Dominant, and The Submissive. She lives in the southeastern United States with her family, two dogs, and a cat.

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