Tuesday 25 May 2021

Release Boost - Reclaimed Love by Alina Lane

Title: Reclaimed Love
Series: Heartfelt #1
Author: Alina Lane
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 21, 2021


Dear Arik,

With a pen pal like you, who needs enemies? It’s bad enough that you broke my heart twelve years ago, but you’re the one who won’t let it go.

I returned every letter, declined every call, deleted every email.

What I didn’t tell you was that I wanted to read every letter, almost answered every call, and have craved you ever since I left.

And now that I’m back, you’re hotter than ever and impossible to ignore because you’re literally helping me save Grams’ bookstore. I can’t help but ask myself…

Are you going to break my heart again?

Or the even bigger question...

Am I going to let you?




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“Arik.” My name on her lips is a drug I didn’t know existed, and I’m already hooked.
The tremor in her legs betrays how close to the edge she is. Not faltering for a second, I piston against her, keeping the cadence steady. All my thoughts, my actions focus on shoving her over that edge. The pressure building in my core terrorizes me, but I beat it back, refusing to give in. I will not come in my shorts like a fifteen-year-old boy looking at his first skin mag—at least not until Kate does.
Upping the ante, I shove my hand under her tank top, burrowing under the sports bra. Her nipple pebbles against my palm. Scraping my thumbnail across the nub sends her hips crashing against mine, her first loss in rhythm since this started, and a strangled moan dies in her throat.
The thought of her restraining herself, holding anything back from me, is intolerable. Gripping her hips tight, I deliver a punishing thrust that almost rips my orgasm right out of me.
Just. Hold. On.
“Baby, let me hear you. God, you feel fucking perfect. Let go, let go for me. I’ve got you.”
“Don’t stop. So close. Don’t stop, Arik.”
If it’s my words or something else, I don’t care. When her next moan sounds, that throaty cry vibrates between us, no holds barred as her hips pump against mine, mindlessly chasing that edge.
I reach up and the flutter of her pulse under the smooth skin of her throat is a staccato beat against my thumb. Testing, I give a harder thrust, and she meets me stroke for stroke until the shaking in her thighs intensifies, and she’s digging her hands into my hips, her gasps and moans coming faster and louder.
“Oh God.” Bright green eyes lock on to me, and I watch the orgasm crash through her. Her eyes glaze over, going blind in pleasure while her hips are pumping against mine, dragging this on and on.
Finally letting go, my release burns up my calves and thighs, climbing higher and higher until my stomach tightens and I’m coming right along with Kate.
I don’t stop, never wanting this to end.


Alina Lane writes swoony, steamy, romance that combines all three to capture you from page one and keep you hooked long past the happily ever after.

A pocket sized powerhouse, Alina lives with her personal Hunky Hero and two children in Arizona. Slathering on sunscreen and living life to its fullest she enjoys hiking, camping, fishing and rock climbing in her desert backyard.

When not hard at work on your next literary escape, you can find Alina embracing her bad-assery on Call of Duty, binge reading or shopping for nail dip sets to compliment her book covers.


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