Wednesday 12 May 2021

Release Boost - The Sun Queen by Anita Maxwell

Title: The Sun Queen
A Royal Celestials Series Novel
Author: Anita Maxwell
Genre: Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance
Release Date: May 7, 2021


The Hunt for the next True Queen of Regulus is upon us.

I never wanted to be queen, yet I find myself swept up in in the competition.

I never wanted a man, yet I find myself distracted by three of them.

I never wanted people's gratitude, yet they're cheering my name in the streets.





The four key qualities of the True Queen of Regulus. And I have to prove that I have them all.

All I ever wanted was to become the Watcher's Sergeant for the busiest district in Regulus -- Adhafera. But The Hunt has begun and the desert Queendom is running out of water. Hundreds of women enter and I unwilling throw my name into the competition. Now, the only other contender who has a chance of beating me is a known cheater.

Now all I want is to become the True Queen of Regulus, blessed by Leo to rule, and to bring water to the people.

The Sun Queen is Book 5 in the Royal Celestials, a zodiac-based series, and represents Leo. This is a medium-burn fantasy reverse harem romance that can be read as a standalone.



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Mina & Stryker

Warm air skated down the length of my neck, rousing me from sleep. If I hadn’t woken this way many, many times before, I would've reached for the blade hidden beneath my pillow.
Soft lips replaced the warm breath, and Stryker's tangy scent overwhelmed my senses. I struggled against the grasp of slumber, hovering in that in-between space—unsure if this was real or another of my recurring dreams.
The weight of his body pinning my arm to my side pulled me out of sleep entirely, though, proving it—he—was real.
Angling my head away, I offered more of my neck to him, my free hand coming up to thrust into his low, sandy-blond ponytail. Teeth grazed over my delicate flesh and my groan filled the room.
It has been so long.
With that thought, my eyes popped open, my hold on him transforming from encouraging to resisting, chest tightening at the knowledge we would be violating promises made should this go any further.
“Stryker, wait. The Watchers' Code.” I managed to gasp out. The light from the moon shone down on us from my open window.
“Mmm you’re not a watcher right now, though, are you?” The light scruff along his jaw scraped along my cheek when he lifted up to look at me, blue eyes heavy with want. “You aren’t breaking any rules, Mina. We can steal this opportunity. You and me. Right now.” Using the hand that wasn’t supporting him, Stryker drew a line along my collarbone and down to my breast before splaying his fingers over my heart. The traitorous organ increased in pace as he teased his touch over the goosebumped skin. “I need you, Mina. I’ve ached for you since the day you turned your back on us to chase your dream. If this pocket of time is the last we can ever be together, then I want to grab onto it with both hands and steal every moment that we can.”


Anita Maxwell is from Newcastle, Australia and is a wife and a mother. She has one dog, a cat, and wishes she actually had a pet kangaroo. With a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, she never intended to go into the world of writing, always thinking that it was a nice dream for some day. Now she has her very own office to write in, with a beautiful red door that she can shut, and lock, when words are demanding to be written. She loves to write slow burn contemporary romance, but don't think she can't get down and dirty.


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