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Blog Tour - All is Lost by Marie Wathen

One second: loud music, dancing, laughing, fun, family, friends, love and everything...
Next second: screaming, running, crying, fear, pain, blood, loss and nothing...
The events of one night on Willow Island will irrevocably change the lives of so many forever.
Breesan Maxwell’s ultimate downfall came that night after one kiss. The impenetrable wall surrounding her fragile heart crumbled, and now the entirety of it belongs to one man, Marcus Walker. Finally accepting his love along with those she denied for years, Breesan finds that it is vital to her existence.
Better judgment and commitments be damned, Marcus Walker succumbs to the one thing he vowed never to do. Love found him that fateful night, but will his new happiness be lost while he struggles to save the woman of his dreams. Heaved unwillingly into his poisonous covert life, will she survive the threats of abductions, illegal experimental drugs, and death?
Morgan Walker's twisted family responsibilities will lead him to an ultimatum that shreds his perfect plan apart. Promised one woman, intrigued by another, yet neither owns him. Will the one woman who could redeem his narcissistic ways be lost to him before he realizes that he suffers with a broken heart and needs her love?
Can these entangled souls survive the relentless pursuits of unforeseen forces, stopping at nothing to get what they desire? Or can Breesan, Morgan and Marcus push through their fears and personal hells, fighting for what really matters most before All Is Lost?

Marcus Walker

3.5 Whirlwind Stars of Chaotic Suspense
Picking up right where Be All left off, the members of Willow Island are all back. They all have been effected by that crazy dangerous night at Grandad Walker's house and all eyes surround Breesan Maxwell.
After a childhood marked by loss and tragedy, Breesan built walls around her heart to avoid experiencing such pain ever again. Not even fully opening herself up to her closest and only friends Ana and Tristan. Yet, the moment Marcus Walker struts into her life, her walls began to lower. The connection is like a gravitational pull that neither can ignore. What starts out as a job for Marcus, turns out to be so much more. Following the climatic attack during Breesan's surprise birthday party, it is as if a light blub goes off and Breesan realizes how much she truly cares for those around her. Especially her rock, her protector, her love—Marcus.
Marcus Walker had himself convinced staying away from Breesan was the best option for her safety. His only focus was to watch out for her from afar, not drag her into his hectic, crazy life as a security agent. But once the dots are connected and all the danger leads to one person—Breesan—Marcus realizes he would do anything to keep her safe and not as a job but out of love.
Marcus Walker
Damn if this man doesn’t step up his swoon and alphaness. His protective instincts are turned on hyperdrive determined to never let Breesan out of sight. For as long as possible Breesan is kept in the dark of the full extent of her danger, and she isn’t the only one. I found myself scratching my head a lot like “huh” then BAM whiplash! I had no idea who was bad or good. Marie Wathen constantly keeps you on your toes and has you suspicious of anyone and everyone. The suspense, the intrigue and anxiousness surrounding “Why & Who wants Breesan dead?”
On the flip side, it almost felt like two different plots were taking place in this story. Marcus’ twin brother, Morgan, the infamous selfish, conceited, status conscious playboy, attempts to cure his broken heart and grasp his freedom from the clutches of his morally dysfunctional and corruptive family, by running away to live a life of no responsibilities; in where else than sin city—Vegas.
Morgan Walker
"I will finally have true freedom. Freedom and fun, oh, and the other F word; fucking my way up the strip, with no commitments.”
We receive all three characters’ POVs and where Breesan’s and Marcus intertwined, for the first 55% Morgan is out on his own running into and running from trouble after trouble. However, when all the characters are rejoined and work together, the plots start to mesh making your eyes bug wider as you start to piece the connections together. This story is a lot darker than Be All. There is kidnapping, vicious skanks still lurk cough Elise cough, despicable parents, Brett and Haleigh Walker continue to try to control their sons, human trafficking is discovered, and more people are put in harms way as new threats transpire against Breesan Maxwell.
The romance between Breesan and Marcus lingers throughout the book with high amounts of sexual tension that will leave you hot and bothered. Unfortunately, this sensation will go on for 85% of the read. On the plus side, while you lust after Marcus Walker’s goods, he will swoon your heart out leaving you too giddy to care about the sexcapades. I was extremely proud of Breesan for the growth we see in her both emotionally and maturely. On the contrary, I enjoy getting those butterflies in my stomach from the way a guy woes, yet, Marcus comes off a tad too sensitive at times. The exchange of their feelings for one another is also repetitively expressed. I would have liked to see more growth in their relationship rather than putting it all on hold due to the mayhem around them. Granted I don’t know how Marie would have done that considering there is so much mayhem and mystery surrounding this storyline.
There are a lot of secondary characters, family members, task force team members, people of suspect, sketchy new trouble makers it can be overwhelming at times to remember who is who. We do get a more in-depth introduction to the task force members. Holy hot assertive, intelligent, strong, and big hearted Rhys he is delicious. I really enjoyed the banter between him and Marcus and him and Sam (Marcus’ sister and Rhys ex-girlfriend). I am on the fence about Sam Walker. Some of her actions will have you leery but I can’t deny that the chick is a badass helluva of a sister.
Marie Wathen definitely knows how to keep your interest. I however get confused easily and with all the action, suspense, chaotic, drama packed events that took place, I got a wee bit lost along the way. I didn’t see that ending coming, I should of known the intrigue couldn’t be wrapped up. Ms. Wathen leaves you hooked and in utter shock “What the…Who the…Come again…..???” I have complete confidence in Marie Wathen’s writing that as the series progresses more questions will be answered and mysteries will be untangled. I look forward to book 3. I plan to practice playing the game “Clue” I will solve this story!
~ Review by Tori 

Morgan Walker

Marie And Barry

New Adult Author of the All Series (four book series), book one Be All released July 2013. Marie Wathen is a wife, mother of two, and recently became a Lola (her version of grandmother). When she isn't writing her other career is in law enforcement. Marie is a fourteen year veteran dispatcher at her local Sheriff's Office. It is also where she met her husband Barry (he is a police officer not an inmate). Born and currently living in Central Alabama, she enjoys a serene life in the country, but lives for the excitement of visiting large cities. Besides writing some of Marie's other passions include reading, listening to music, dancing, traveling, family time with southern home cooking and has admitted that she has a severe addiction to Facebook. Although Marie has been a storyteller her entire life, Be All is her first publication. Marie's genre includes, but is not limited to, Romantic Suspense. Marie’s current projects include a Romantic Paranormal Thriller series and she is collaborating on a Love Story Anthology, both releasing in 2014.





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