Tuesday 11 March 2014

Blog Tour - Black Box by Cassia Leo

Title: Black Box
Author: Cassia Leo
Release Date: March 10th 2014

Three fateful encounters....
Two heart-breaking tragedies....
One last chance to get it right.

From New York Times best selling author Cassia Leo, comes an epic love story about rewriting destiny. 
Over the course of five years, Mikki and Crush cross paths on three separate occasions. Their first encounter changes Mikki's life forever, but their second meeting leaves them both buried beneath the emotional wreckage of a violent attack. Mikki is left with more questions and grief than she can handle, while Crush is forced to forget the girl who saved his life.
Now nineteen years old, Mikki Gladstone has decided she's tired of the mind-numbing meds. She books a flight to Los Angeles to end her life far away from her loving, though often distant, family.
Twenty-one-year-old Crush has always channeled his blackest thoughts into his music, but he's never had great aspirations. He decides to fly to Los Angeles to record a demo of the only song he's never performed in public; a song he wrote for a girl he doesn't even know: Black Box. He has no expectations of fame and he's never felt like his life had any purpose... until he meets Mikki in Terminal B.
When Mikki and Crush cross paths for the third time in Terminal B, neither has any idea who the other person is; until they slowly piece together their history and realize that fate has more in store for them than just another love story.

I could not wait to read this book, as soon as Cassia Leo posted the blurb for it, I HAD to have it. I was thrilled that our blog got the chance to read and review it. What a roller coaster ride this book was. The synopsis really does not do it justice, this book ran the gamut on me. Wow, really, such a little word but this book was WOW!

I love unpredictability in my books. The ones that do not follow the cookie cutter romance formula. This story is different, and totally unpredictable. I honestly could not tell from one page to the next if there was going to be a HEA for this couple. 

Black Box switches POVs from Mikki to Crush, past to present and also has a POV of Black Box. What is Black Box you ask? Well it's definitely not what I thought it was going to be. But you'll have to read for yourself to find out. 

I really don't want to give too much away in this review, as I loathe spoilers, it's kinda just one of those books you have to read. It took me a few days to even process it, definite book hangover. 

Cassia Leo has managed to pen a 5 star read and so far has the title of my worst book hangover of 2014!
~ Review by Erin


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo grew up in California and has lived in three different countries. She loves to travel and her dream is to one day score a record deal based on her awesome shower singing skills. She is the author of the Shattered Hearts series (Relentless, Pieces of You, Bring Me Home, Abandon) and the Luke and Chase series.


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