Friday 15 November 2019

Release Blitz - Up For Debate by Devin Sawyer

Title: Up For Debate
Series: Love and Desire #1
Author: Devin Sawyer
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: November 15, 2019


Going to meet your boyfriend’s family should be exciting.

It’s a relationship milestone most girls fawn over, but not me.

It means coming face to face with my ex that I left high and dry in the middle of the night almost six years ago.

I wouldn’t call what Lawson and I had a love story, or even a relationship.

It was tumultuous and frustrating more than it wasn’t.

His lack of respect for me and my background left me bitter and angry in the end.

Now I’m stuck facing my past, that never got any closure,

and damn it if there aren’t brief moments that I forget why I went running.

If I let him get too close I know he’ll try to burn me again

I can’t let that happen when I have Reece to lose.

The battle between the two men is a decision I face alone.

One holds my heart, the other holds it hostage.

Sometimes love hands you a choice you never wanted to make.

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“I could date you.” He blurts it like he wants to get it out of his mouth before he can take it back. It’s my turn to laugh at him now. A disbelieving scoff comes from me and I just stare at him in horror.
“No,” I reply “Just, No.”
“Why not? It would work. The girls never bothered Veronica. It’s only because they feel like there’s a position to be filled.”
“They may not have bothered her, but I’m sure that didn’t stop them from still being up your ass. Plus you don’t want that. You don’t want a relationship.” 
“Don’t tell me what I want, Farah.” For the first time he sounds irritated with me, or maybe just this conversation.
“I don’t need you to do me any favors,” I tell him bluntly.
“God-damn, I’m not doing you a ‘favor’. I’m trying to do myself one, I’m not ready to let go of you just yet. I want more time with you and if that means we are dating, exclusively, then so be it.” He’s breathing heavy, like saying that took a lot out of him. I just stare back, trying to read into what he’s doing. Is this reverse psychology?
He stalks towards me, slowly, hesitantly and he reaches out for my hand by my side.
“All I can think about is being near you. Just let me have that.” His eyes are sincere, and I get the feeling he isn’t allowed to feel this vulnerable very often. I nod to him.
“Okay.” Why did I say that? I didn’t mean okay. I meant ‘no, not in this lifetime.’ I meant ‘go find some other poor soul to suck the life out of.’ He’s practically a dementor.
A smile lifts to one side of his face. “Okay.” His other hand lifts to my chin and he pulls my own mouth to his. His tongue finds my own and it’s warm and inviting. His touch feels like magic that I didn’t know I needed.

Author Bio

Devin Sawyer is a contemporary romance writer who enjoys a bit of dirty humor. If you have a dirty joke, she’s the first one that wants to hear it. She grew up in a small Texas Town called Comfort and still enjoys quiet country towns. She started out writing at a young age with moody, depressing, poetry—mostly about unrequited teenage loves. But enough about the dark times.. Now Devin prefers to write witty romantic comedies with hard hitting issues Devin has a master’s in Social work and is independently licensed as a therapist. She finds reading and writing a pleasant escape from real world stressors. Her favorite reads are forbidden love stories.

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