Thursday 3 December 2020

Release Blitz - Axel by Penny Dee

Title: Axel
Series: Men of Mirror Lake Mountain #1
Author: Penny Dee
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 3, 2020


Lauren Carmichael is going to be kidnapped. 

And the last thing I want to do is get involved. 
But when I overhear the plans to abduct her on the eve of her wedding, I know I have to do something. 
My past stops me from going to the authorities, and I don’t know how deep this conspiracy goes in the small town of Mirror Lake Mountain, so asking for help is too risky. 
I can only trust myself. 
I have no choice. 
To keep her safe, I’ll have to kidnap the pain-in-the-ass heiress myself. 

Call the fire department because things are about to get hot in here! Axel, book one in the Men of Mirror Lake Mountain series is straight up what fantasies are made of, with an over-the-top sexy hero, a heroine who gives as good as she gets, and so much Kindle-melting deliciousness you will lose your mind! So, sit back, check reality at the door and get ready for one lip-biting, toe-curling read!


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I lead her through the cabin.
“There’s only one bed,” she says.
“Yeah, but it's big enough for two.”
“You can’t be serious.”
She tries to look mortified. But I can see the heat in her eyes.
“Oh, I’m serious.”
“Can’t you take the couch or something?”
“Why, when the bed is big enough for the both of us?” I cock an eyebrow at her. “Or are you worried you won’t be able to keep your hands to yourself?”
Indignation replaces her look of horror and she raises her eyebrow. “Oh, I assure you that isn’t the case.”
I sit down on the bed and pat the space beside me, grinning wickedly at her. 
While she stands across the room and murders me with her eyes. “I’ll take the couch."
I shrug. “Suit yourself.”
She folds her arms. “You’d seriously make me sleep on the couch. So much for chivalry.”
“I’m not making you do anything.” I pat the bed again. “There’s plenty of room.”
Her arms fall to her sides as she gives in. “Fine. But I’m building a giant pillow wall between us.”
I can’t help myself and laugh. For something so little, she sure has a lot of spunk.
I stand up and take a step toward her.
“Knock yourself out. But look at me, darlin’, I’m a big man. You should know I can huff and I can puff, and I can blow that giant pillow wall down.”
My voice is gravelly. Rough. And flowing with the lust I’m feeling coiled in my belly. The push and pull between us is turning me on, and I’m aching to give in to the hunger and take her mouth with mine.
Again, her throat works hard as she struggles to swallow.
Yeah, she’s turned on. Mortified, yes, but turned on, nevertheless.
Her eyes sharpen. “You should know, I’m a light sleeper and did martial arts for six years.”
“Good, I like it rough.”
She raises her chin. “Don’t be fooled by my size. I may be small, but I can kick ass.”
“Rougher the better.”
It is a war of wills now. And it’s making me fucking hard.
“I know what part of the body to aim for to cause the most impact.”
I take a sweeping look up and down her beautiful body. “Ditto.”
Her jaw tightens. “I’ll escape while you’re sleeping.”
“Maybe I’ll tie you to the bed.”
She gasps. “You wouldn’t dare!”
I’m not sure why, or how, or what the fuck is happening, but before I can get any understanding of the situation, I back her up toward the bed and she has no choice but to sit down. She looks up at me, her eyes blazing.
And in that second, I know without a doubt I am going to tie her to my bed.


Penny Dee writes contemporary romance about rock stars, bikers, hockey players and everyone in-between. Her stories bring the suspense, the feels and a whole lot of heat.

She found her happily ever after with an Australian hottie who she met on a blind date.


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