Wednesday 2 December 2020

Release Blitz - Husband by Victoria Sobolev

Title: Monogamy Book Two. Husband
Series: Monogamy #2
Author: Victoria Sobolev
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 30, 2020


‘I told him,’ he says softly. 
‘Told him what?’ I whisper so that God won’t hear us. 
‘What do you mean “everything”?’ My voice is shrill now, cutting through the March air like a butcher’s knife. 
His voice is quiet, but it makes the most important decisions for me, unasked: ‘How we were together for two years, how we used to meet up. How you were in love with me. I told him I am taking you away. Forever.’ 

She saved him, and he took her to his world. 
What comes after the happily ever after? When the breathtakingly gorgeous former lover is now a husband and the stubborn, prudish heroine his wife? When his friends think she’s neither good enough for him nor deserves him? 

His ring is on my finger, and I’m living in his house in a country on another continent, in a world filled with his friends, yachts, parties, money. We are avoiding each other, we are sleeping in different bedrooms, we don`t even talk. Is this my life now? 
Do I really need a place for myself in his world, when all I hear is: “You’re not a fit here. Look at the beauties he dated before you! Do you realize how ugly you are? How many are waiting to replace you?” 

How do I prove that she is my soul mate, my one and only, when everything in my past screams the opposite? How can I cleanse myself? How can I protect her? 

Alex and Valeria’s emotional story continues in the hugely anticipated Monogamy Book Two. Husband.



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Victoria Sobolev is the author of four bestselling series and one standalone novel that have gained her thousands of followers on Russian indie platforms and a Monogamy fan club. 

She was born in Ukraine but spent most of her life living in Moldova until immigrating to Canada with her husband and two children. She currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Victoria believes in true love and soulmates just as much as she does in working hard at marriage. Travelling is her passion, but she thinks there is no safer or calmer place for a woman than her man’s shoulder. 

She is fascinated by watching people and studying human relationships, but, even more, she loves writing novels about them. 

Victoria Sobolev loves all her characters and never abandons them in the tragedy of separation and hopelessness forever, but always leads them to happiness. She takes her reader’s breath away only to make them feel even more alive when they start breathing again, so that everyday things become appreciated even more and their true value recognised.


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