Wednesday 13 October 2021

Cover Reveal - XOXO, Valentina by Jill Brashear

Title: XOXO, Valentina
Series: Blue Ridge Book Club #2
Author: Jill Brashear
Genre: Small Town Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Y'All. That Graphic.
Photo: Regina Wamba
Release Date: November 3, 2021


He’s the hot new Spanish teacher.
I’m the principal.
That spells trouble with a capital T.

My story is simple. I’m one of the lucky ones. I had a man who rocked my world. I loved with my whole heart. Then, I lost. But at least I’d loved, and I had a son to keep his father’s memory alive.
I never thought I would be interested in a man again. Between herding a teenager toward manhood and running the highest-ranking elementary school in Azalea County, I didn’t have time for anything more than a fictional book boyfriend.
Then, Mr. Morales strolled down my hall and hola’d his way straight to my starved libido.
Work used to be my sanctuary. Now, every day is sweet torture.
I can’t lead a staff meeting without picturing him naked. One smile renders me speechless. I’m swooning in the halls, and it’s not because one of the students brought tuna fish for lunch.
I may be hot for teacher, but I’ll never have another man in my life.
Especially one like Mr. Morales who’s more trouble than he’s worth.
Don’t miss out on this steamy romantic comedy set in the small town of Mossy Oak, North Carolina, where you’ll find the best bookshop in the world, a gold-medal winery, and an abundance of book boyfriends.




Needing to put more distance between us than just the desk, I walked to the window and stared out at the kids in PE class skipping along the tarmac. What would they think if they knew I was firing their favorite teacher? The teachers would hate me for getting rid of him, but I would never tell them the real reason.
I tore my gaze from the children and turned to Mr. Morales. I remembered the day I’d hired him. How he’d told me he’d run a race in the Blue Ridge Mountains and fallen in love with my hometown of Mossy Oak. He’d started looking for a job in town the day after the race.
Tension filled the room as we stared at each other. His jaw tightened, and his eyes narrowed. The only sound was the distant noise of children’s voices and the hum of the overhead lights.
His gaze fell to my neck, and my hand fluttered to the bow tied around my throat. I swallowed thickly. “You’re in violation of dress code,” I blurted.
His eyebrows rose. “I am?” he asked.
“Your hair is too long. Your clothing is too casual, and your jewelry is…” I waved my hand in the air, not sure what the problem was with his jewelry. I never had a thing for men who wore rings and necklaces, but Joey made it look sexy in a Pirates of the Caribbean kind of way. I huffed out an annoyed breath. “It’s supposed to be kept to a minimum.”
He rose from his chair and walked across the room, stopping when he stood so close that our shoes nearly touched. He leaned forward, smiling that secretive smile. His nearness made every cell in my body sizzle, and when he dropped his gaze over me in a slow perusal, I felt ready to combust.
“I should point out that maybe you are violating this dress code as well,” he said in a conspiratorial voice. “I think you are having… how do you say it? A wardrobe misfunction?” He cocked his chin and pointed behind me.
I smoothed a hand over the back of my dress and found that the flouncy hem of my favorite dress was tucked into my panties. My breath caught in my throat, and I’d never wanted to disappear more in my life.


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Jill Brashear is an author who believes in love at first sight and the existence of soulmates. In her books, you’ll find compelling characters, sexy settings, and plenty of happily-ever-afters. She can’t imagine a world without dirty martinis (straight-up with blue-cheese olives), yoga, and romance.
She loves connecting with her fans! Reach out on any of the social media platforms, and she promises to write you back.


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