Tuesday 5 November 2013

Blog Tour - Wasted Heart by Nicole Reed

Title: Wasted Heart (Ruining #3)
Author: Nicole Reed
Release Date: October 22, 2013

“Who are you?”

The image in the mirror staring back at me feigns disinterest.

Rock star? Recovering addict? Murderer?

How can you explain to someone what it’s like not to care? Not about yourself or the person standing next to you. I’ve lost that, the ability to feel and show affection. I do, however, have a heart. Sometimes, when I chase the dragon, it thunders through my head like a drum, reminding me it still beats. It’s still there.

Hollow.​ Empty.​ Wasted.

My agent says I have one more shot. A single, solitary chance to stay in the music biz, but there is one massive problem. HER.


Rhye Clark and Syn Landry have so very much in common and so much more that separates them.
I could see how a girl like Syn would shine like a beacon to a guy like Rhye as he is battling his demons in utter darkness. Parts of the movie “What Dreams May Come” flashed in my mind as I read this story – mostly the parts where the wife is in hell and locked in a mental prison of anguish. Loss and grief battle as Rhye struggles to just keep breathing. Addiction blacks out any future he might have.

It’s amazing to me the intensity and depth that Syn has despite only being 19. I remember being 19 and, though I thought I was wise and an “old soul” I look back now to see pretentious youth. I didn’t get any of that from Syn. She’s sweet and giving, kind and loving; willing to try anything just to fix the broken parts of Rhye, even if he balks.

I liked the dual POV in this story that made you feel like two distinct and separate voices were sharing their stories - one innocent and hopeful… the other twisted and ruined.
4 stars!
~ Review by Jennifer



I love angst….I thrive on it, but only the fictional kind. I adore a story that grips the reader from the beginning and doesn’t let go…EVER. I’m an avid reader who just recently discovered my love of writing. My favorite things in life include my three wild & crazy kids, Reese’s Pieces, and every genre of music.  I reside in the Deep South.

Currently, I am writing a new adult/contemporary romance story that I can’t wait to share. I also plan to release Rhye’s story, Wasted Heart, in 2013.



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