Monday 22 December 2014

Book Blitz - Lost Until You by J.R. Grant

Title: Lost Until You
Series: Until You #1
Author: J.R. Grant
Release Date: November 22, 2014


‘I have to say that I was completely blown away by this book. I think I fell in LOVE with Brax in the very first couple of chapters.’

~ Book Happiness, 5 stars

‘J.R. Grant has out done herself with this story. I loved everything about it. Beautiful love story and some very intense HOTNESS!’ 

~ Pamela, 5 stars

‘Lost until you GUTTED ME! It was so beautifully written and had a unique story line that will keep you glued to the book.’ 

~ Athena, 5 stars

‘YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!! You will laugh, cry, feel love, despair and probably a ton of anger!!.. This is why this is a 5 star read, HOT DAMN I could not put it down… MORE MORE MORE of these brothers PLEASE!! 

~ We Stole Your Book Boyfriend, 5 stars


They had it all. There wasn't anything they could do to make their lives better. Their relationship was thriving. Their daughter was perfect. The adoration they had for one another was indescribable. They were surrounded by family and friends who loved them unconditionally.

There wasn't a time Brax and Jazz lived with any regret, until Jazz started digging into her past. And now the happy life they once shared, has crumbled before their eyes, forcing their family through a whirlwind of emotions and pain.

What do you do if your marriage gets hit with the one thing you’d never expect? Can you stand the test of time and move forward as one? Or would you throw away everything you've spent years building, because it’s the moral thing to do?

Relationships are handed different obstacles to face, but in this case, two people are left pondering what society says is correct.

If you love someone with your whole heart, more than anything in the world, they become worth the fight. 

They are lost until you.

***Contains sexual content and strong language. Mature readers age 18+***

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Jazz thought her life was perfect; she had a loving husband and beautiful daughter, wonderful friends and family, and yet she didn't realize her "perfect world" was about to come crashing down…

When she met Brax Sorrentino, there was an instant connection and she knew he was it for her. Seeing they love she has for Brax melted my heart because I know how it feels to love someone so fiercely and how they become your everything.

Brax knew from the moment he laid eyes on Jazz that she was the one, and he wished he had met her sooner to have made her his then. Brax works to give Jazz everything she could possibly want and if he could, he would even try to help her with her past as well.

But when Jazz gets some news concerning her past, she feels the need to take care of it on her own, leaving her husband and daughter. Reading about her journey is heartbreaking, because it's like she's in an endless race and yet, when she finally gets there, is it what she expected? Does she get the answers she's been searching for? Meanwhile, poor Brax is suffering and worried without her.

Despite it all, he calls her and lets her know that he is there for her no matter what. The love they both have for each other is beautiful, amazing and endless!! What a beautiful story about forgiving, moving forward and loving those who are dear to your heart with a fierce passion!! 4.5 Beautiful Stars

 ~ Review by Kara


 Author Bio

JR Grant is an avid reader, a fictional writer, and a photography junkie. When she's not plotting her next story, you can catch her on the beach with her kindle in hand, soaking up the sun.

For more information, visit her social media sites posted below.

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