Tuesday 2 November 2021

Release Blitz - Destroyed by Indie Black & Sienna Cousins

Title: Destroyed
Series: Tainted by Ruin Trilogy #2
Authors: Indie Black & Sienna Cousins
Genre: Dark High School Reverse Harem Romance
Release Date: November 2, 2021


He was supposed to protect me.
Instead, he became the monster who turned my dreams into nightmares.
He was supposed to love me. In the end, his love was poison, leaving me tarnished and hollow.
His death was supposed to bring me peace. But, his memories continue to terrorize me.

Since his first lecherous touch I’ve had only one purpose. One reason to not fully give into my demons:
The fraying hope of escaping this depraved life.

Coming back to Montecito has reinforced what I was callously taught as a child.
Everyone has something to hide … even those you hold closest.
Depravity lurks in the shadows, taunting me, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
While anonymous threats promise nothing but bloodshed and death if I don’t obey.

My heart is torn between the three gorgeous guys who are the only bright lights in the obsidian darkness surrounding me.
But if my soul claims each of them equally, will they forgive me for refusing to choose?

When my nightmares begin to mix with reality, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s a figment of my fractured mind.
One thing’s for sure, if my monster’s back, he’ll stop at nothing until I’m exactly how he loves me ...

*Destroyed is the second book in the Tainted by Ruin Trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone. It’s a Dark High School Reverse Harem Romance and includes dubious scenes (sexual and physical abuse of a minor and self harm) that may be triggering to some. Recommended for readers 18+.



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Brett - 15 years old
Shutting my bedroom door behind me, I release another exaggerated exhale, leaning my back against it and letting my eyes fall closed.
Golden blonde hair, blowing wildly in the wind.
Honey-brown eyes—deep and soul consuming.
Rose tinted cheeks, perfect lips, and a wide toothy smile.
Anchoring myself in the only thing that matters to me, I step away from the door and move to my dresser, pulling out the pink nightgown she slept in last night. Bringing it up to my nose, I pull in a deep lungful of her essence. The citrusy scent is heady and my cock pulses, begging to come out and play.
I have one rule, one thing that separates me from the vile filth I’m being pushed towards.
No touching.
I’ve given up hope that the poison drenched in my veins will ever seep out. Instead, I’ve welcomed it. Accepted it for what it is. Me.
Tucking the nightgown back into my drawer, I tear my clothes off and step into the shower. My fingertips tingle with anticipation, body brimming with excitement. A few months ago, I switched to using the same body wash as her, my little butterfly. Now, I get to drown in her scent as I glide a handful of the citrus soap up and down my shaft, imagining her dainty little fingers wrapping around my cock, pleasing me.
Although my shower is brief, it does wonders for both my mood and sore muscles. Satisfaction thrums through me and that craving to take my butterfly away—clip her wings so she can never leave me—has quieted. It’s never gone, the devilish whispers would never allow that, but it’s calm enough that I feel confident in my ability to keep up my mask of contentment.
I hear the front door open and a moment later, my butterfly’s laughter travels through the house, giving light to everything in its path. The most devious parts of me, the ones forcing me further into the void, want nothing more than to devour her light, branding her as ours and tainting her precious soul.
No. I won’t hurt her. I love her. I grit my teeth. She’s my everything.

Copyright 2021 Indie Black & Sienna Cousins



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Releasing May 2



Indie Black is a brand new baby author, taking a plunge into the book world. She’s a California native who prefers tacos over sushi, the beach over the mountains, and books over anything else. She’s a certified water snob, dog lover and will try just about anything that tastes like bubblegum.


Sienna Cousins lives on the sunny coast of Western Australia, a lover of all things romance, obsessed with dogs, good coffee and is an avid reader turned writer. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is watching reruns of MTV’s Catfish, stalking amazon for paperback sales, spending time with her little family or devouring smashed avo on toast!

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