Tuesday 2 November 2021

Release Blitz - Something Worth Stealing by Ashlee Rose

Title: Something Worth Stealing
Author: Ashlee Rose
Genre: Taboo Romance
Release Date: November 2, 2021


If someone would have told me a year ago, I would be here.
I would laugh.

It’s him.
And it’s his son.

My heart constricted. My brain screaming. My heart lurching itself out of my chest.

He still owns me.
But there is someone else stalking the shadows waiting to steal what isn’t his.

My story is only just beginning.



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I see her. I have always seen her. I hide in the shadows, but I play in plain sight. She doesn’t know who I am, or that I even exist.
But I am here, watching, waiting.
I will wait as long as I need too.
I won’t give up.

Something so precious needs to be kept, to be loved, to be owned. She is rare, like a red diamond. You would burn the world to cinders just to touch her. Just to get your hands on her delicate skin, your lips on her pink, bow lips.

She was something worth stealing.
And that’s just what I am going to do.

She just doesn’t know it yet.


Ashlee Rose lives in the UK where she resides with her husband, three children and her crazy cockapoo.

When Ashlee isn't being a stay at home mum and housewife, she is losing herself in her steamy romance novels and swoon worthy alphas.
Ashlee has always been an avid reader of romance and lives in a fantasy world.
In 2018, she decided to try her hand at writing, a few months later Something New was published. After vowing to finish the Entwined In You series and leaving it at that, Ashlee got the itch to continue and has many more romance novels up her sleeve.
Ashlee Rose is on all social media platforms so head over and give her a follow.


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