Wednesday 11 October 2017

Release Boost - Love Divide by Cary Hart

Title: Love Divide
Series: Battlefield of Love #2
Author: Cary Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 5, 2017


What happens when something you were not looking for comes along, and it's more than you ever could have imagined?

Changing you.

How do you live with yourself when you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the broken reflection staring back? Because it makes you do things that you never expected you were capable of.

Will a heart that's been torn in two pieces keep on beating? I'm about to find out.

Love Divided. The decision should be easy... It isn't.

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What happens when something you weren’t looking for comes along, and it’s more than you ever could have imagined? Making you do things you never thought you were capable of…changing you?
Dance with me.
Three simple words, demanding, challenging…tempting.
He came into my life, flipping it upside down, causing me to turn into someone I didn’t recognize. Secrets blurring lines between fantasy and reality.
Closing my eyes, clearing my thoughts, I push the demons down, ignoring the temptation that screams for me to run toward it instead of fighting against it. Those inner demons, creating a battlefield, dividing the heart.
I wasn’t always like this. There was a time when I was searching for something more. Anything that would give me a reason to care. Someone to tell me they wanted me.
Needed me.
I thought I had it but was too afraid of losing everything. Of losing the comfort of his security.
But, those three little words were all it took for me to freefall over that line. Risking it all.


“Dance with me.” His gravelly voice tempts me over the pulsating beat bumping through the speakers.
No he didn’t? I swing around ready to give this guy my best “back the fuck up” glare… only it doesn’t come. Steely blue eyes meet mine, throwing me off balance.
“Now.” His hand reaches for my elbow, steadying me.
“I can’t…” I nod back to Aubrey, who looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world, but I know different. This is her first weekend without her daughter, Reece, since she and her ex-husband got a divorce.
“Yes, you can, and you will.” His hand slides from my elbow to my hand, his grip firm and strong.
Everything about this moment is more than just an invitation to dance.
The way his eyes land on mine. The way he tugs me across the dance floor and into a dark corner.
“Here.” He yanks my hand, causing my body to collide with his.
“Oh!” It slips out before I have a chance to stop it.
“Yeah. Oh.” He smirks before he pulls me in tighter, and I can feel every single ridge of muscle hidden behind his suit and tie. “Just feel it. Feel us.” He begins to rock back and forth. Too slow for the music, but it’s a rhythm that promises more.
Throwing my arms over his shoulders, I let go.
Our bodies tangle. Eyes singing the forbidden lyrics, song after song. My mouth dying to taste the unspoken words.
Raising a hand, he tucks my hair behind my ear, before leaning in, whispering, “I’m going to kiss you now.” His words are a warning, not a question.
I nod, giving him the permission he doesn’t need.
His steel eyes pin me in place as he lowers his mouth so close I can taste the scotch on his breath. Hovering. Teasing.
He is a predator and I’m his prey. I have nowhere to go, nothing to do but wait for his attack. My mouth waters; my body waits to be devoured.
“But first…” His eyes leave mine, scanning the crowd before he spins me around and slams my back against the metal wall. My back arches away from the cold and settles into the warmth of his arms as his mouth comes crashing down on mine.

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Author Bio

Cary Hart hails from the Midwest. A sassy, coffee drinking, sometimes sailor swearing (Shhh… don’t tell.), wine sipping, Spotify addict, lover of all things books!

When not pushing women down the stairs in the fictional world, Cary has her hands full. She is blessed to be the sports mom of two wild and crazy, spoiled kiddos, and wife to the most supportive husband (took a few years to train). In addition to working full time, she bakes cookies on the side to fund her newly found love of writing and to keep her Sephora VIB Rouge status. The addiction is real, folks!

Believe it or not, writing was never a dream for Cary. Reading was something she never enjoyed growing up. All it took was one friend, who went MIA for a weekend on a book binge, to share her passion and loan an ebook, lighting a fire inside her.  Two years, and hundreds of ebooks later, she connected with one of her favorite authors, who patiently listened to her plot ideas. Her encouragement and saying those three little words “You write it!” changed everything!

So, welcome! Hop on board, and enjoy the ride!

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