Friday 20 September 2013

Blog Tour - Renewed by C.N. Watkins

Stefan has finally met his match.
As Jennifer consumes his life and takes away the control he desperately craves, Stefan must reevaluate everything he once thought he needed in his life.
When Jennifer finally learns the truth about Stefan her head continues to scream run. Kennedy, her crazy best friend, is convinced that Stefan is perfect for Jennifer, but Jennifer still has questions of her own. With a huge diamond ring sitting on her finger, she is forced to choose between listening to her head or listening to her heart.
Will Stefan and Jennifer make it to forever? Does happily every after really exist?
You never know what you have until it walks right out your front door...  

“You are the first woman I've ever made love to.”
His confession hit me hard.
“What do you mean?” I couldn’t believe we were discussing this in the middle of sex, but I wasn’t about to stop him from sharing something so intimate about himself.
He crawled up and laid next to me, turning me on my side so that we faced each other. He swept my hair behind my ears and calmed his breathing, “I have always been the Dom, Jen, that’s what I do best. I inflict pain and make women beg for me. All my past relationships, if you can even call them that, have been Dom and sub. I'd never given up my control for anyone, and I never planned to until you came along.
“You changed something inside of me. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up all my control, and I may never be ready, but you make me feel like it’s okay to make love. It’s okay to express how fucking in love with you I am. I want to be raw with you. I want our relationship to be happy and exciting. If I ever lost you, I would go crazy. Literally, bat shit crazy.”
We both chuckled.
“You are the light of my life. I know sometimes I may be unreasonable, but be patient with me. I promise I won’t let you down.”

CN Watkins is a self publisher of Awakened and Renewed. She lives in Oklahoma with her amazing husband, her beautiful daughter, two dogs, and a baby on the way. She enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, and spending time outside when she has the free time. She loves to write at night when the house is quiet so her ideas can flow freely.


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