Saturday 14 September 2013

Blog Tour - Surreptitious by D Breeze

Taylor Corsi, the girl who controls everything. The air she breathes, the life she leads and everyone who is involved with her, except....

The guy who has it all. The house, the car, the money, the brothers, the life. No one knows the true Jackson Brent. Everyone has an opinion, he lets them. Gorgeous, charismatic, secretive, egotistical and damn proud of it. Jackson is everything Taylor can’t stand, but she is everything he wants. She’s his new challenge, he’s determined to have her and he never loses. Does he?

How long can the game go on before it’s just not fun anymore?   

"YOU KNOW WHAT TAYLOR. FUCK YOU. THATS RIGHT! FUCK YOU AND ALL THIS SHIT. IM DONE. DO YOU HEAR ME? FUCKING FINISHED. YOU WANT TO CARRY ON WALKING THROUGH LIFE WITHOUT SEEING OR FEELING ANYTHING? JUST GO AHEAD, BUT DONT DRAG EVERYONE ELSE DOWN WITH YOU, WE ALL DESERVE FUCKING BETTER.” He grabbed my face and pulled me close so our noses were touching and continued in a softer, but definitely just as painful voice. His words were like fire across my skin, of them burnt me to my core.

“This is it baby girl. You are now, and always will be my ‘IT’ girl, but I’m sick of going round in circles and getting nowhere with you. There’s nothing more I can do, I’ve tried everything with you. You think I’ve broken you, but that just isn’t the case. You can feel again, and that scares the shit out of you but it’s REAL. I’m walking away and I’ll find someone else. She won’t be you, there will never be another you, but maybe that’s better for me because men feel too Tay, my heart will always be yours... but I won’t be. Bye baby girl” Without even looking back he turned and walked away. Left me standing in the middle of god knows where in the fucking dark with no idea how I’m getting home and a broken fucking heart.



Names Danielle Breeze, I’m only twenty-three but some days I feel forty!! I'm a single mum to two beautiful young children (makes finding the time to write challenging to say the least!!). Born and raised in Coventry, England – don’t think I’d ever really have the guts to leave here!! I’m a romantic at heart, love a happy ending and I’ve been known to make up my own endings in my head to other books if I didn’t agree with theirs haha!!

I listen to music CONSTANTLY!! Especially when I'm writing. I spend my days tidying up after my kids, making dinner, taking the kids to the park...nothing interesting!! But I like to spend time with my wonderful friends and family, going to concerts, on holidays, out for drinks :) all the usual things!!

I have always read books, magazines...the back of the shampoo bottle...ANYTHING I could, since I’ve been able to form words!! I wanted to write my own books even when I was just a little girl, scribbling little pieces down on scraps of paper, anything to get my ideas out!! I was as at university when I decided I was going to stop wanting to do it, and actually do it!! I have plenty of different works in the pipeline, so I hope you like my stuff .



Surreptitious was a really good read for a debut novel.
Taylor Corsi is a tough, fiercely independent young lady who has seen more than her fair share of heartbreak. Losing both of her parents a few years before had forever changed her and not for the better.
Along comes Jackson Brent with his gorgeous eyes, hot body and very domineering personality and Taylor has finally met her match.
Taylor and Jax's story was definitely entertaining. They had both been through some tough times in the past, but together eventually brought out the best in each other. Great characters, great friendships and a fun, heart warming read. Watch out for book two in the London Series coming soon.
- Review by Kylie 



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