Friday 3 December 2021

Book Blitz - Shifter God by Meg Xuemei X

Title: Shifter God
Series: Shifter War, Vampire Orders #1
Author: Meg Xuemei X
Genre: Steamy Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy Romance
Release Date: November 11, 2021


He beds me, whispers sweet lies, then chooses another.

The Alpha Heir finds me. Broken, bruised, and with no memory.

How fortunate I am that he’s my fated mate.

Then he rejects me for another, even though his wolf still wants me.

So he locks me up, tries to control me, tries to force me to be his again.

But I know a secret. Someone much stronger, more powerful, is coming for me.

My beautiful Vampire God.

And he kills anyone who stands in his way.



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“The Alpha Heir has extended a dinner invitation to you, Pip girl.” Chief Going-gray narrowed his eyes on me. “And you aren’t going to brag to anyone other than the present party in this suite.”
The girls and I looked stunned.
“I appreciate the dinner invite,” I said, “but I’m afraid that I’ll have to decline.”
Going-gray’s eyes bulged out. “How dare you insult the Alpha Heir and turn down the great honor—”
“Well, throw me in jail again,” I said with food in my mouth this time. He didn’t deserve my shifter table manners anymore.
Veins pumped on his neck. “No sane woman would reject the Alpha Heir.”
I smirked at him. “There’s always a first. Why don’t you give the great honor to Princess Blow Job? I’m confident that she’ll jump on the opportunity, and then the prince will get the treat of a deep throat and—”
“You forget your place!” Going-gray’s face reddened with anger. “Last time, you were tossed in jail because you bit off Princess Viviane’s ear. What kind of savage animal are you?!”
“Wolf,” I offered. “I’m a North American female werewolf.”


Releasing Spring 2022



Meg Xuemei X is a USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author of paranormal and fantasy romance. She finds it delightful to be around drop-dead gorgeous alpha males who are forever tormented by her feisty heroines, unseelie fae, dark vampires, menacing demigods, demon A-holes and fallen angels, fun shifters, and cunning witches.


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