Tuesday 21 December 2021

Release Blitz - Fated Under the Moon by Abby McCarthy

Title: Fated Under the Moon
Series: Destined by the Fates #1
Author: Abby McCarthy
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 21, 2021


After I lost my dad, my roommate, with his tighty-whitey, pizza eating, gaming habits, wasn’t worth staying in Seattle for. So when I’m offered a job at an upscale mansion in the middle of Bum-Fuck-Ohio, I take it. I mean, what do I have to lose?
The answer?
Not only do I discover that my exceptionally good-looking, albeit moody, landlord is a werewolf, (A-Freaking-Werewolf!) but get this... and it’s the real kicker, we're fated mates! The lust I feel for him is off the charts, which is odd since I’m human and humans being fated to werewolves is basically unheard of. There’s also the fact that I keep passing out and having these crazy dreams that scare Ryker half to death.
Then, I find out that it’s no coincidence that my boss hired me. It seems everyone knows more about me and the fact that I might not actually be human after all, than I do.
As I learn more about what I am, I’m left with more questions than answers. I do know that if left untrained, I’m dangerous for both Ryker and his pack. I have to fix that and fast!



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Somehow, with a speed and strength, I'd never possessed, I flipped him over and rode him. I could tell he was caught off guard by the way his body locked.
I paid no mind to it. It was about him and me, connected. I needed it, and I needed more.
I rode him.
I bit him.
I scratched my nails down his back.
I was wild, nearly feral.
He came again and again, and I didn't let up.
"Ariel," he called. It sounded far off. I needed to fuck him. "Ariel," he grabbed my legs, trying to slow my movements. I batted his hand away. I had to have him.
More. I needed more.
I rocked back and forth fervently. I had no other thought than my need to make him orgasm again.
"Ariel," he yelled again, and the strangest thing happened. He began to change. I lost him inside of me, and I fought to get him back, but he was strong and fast, then he was a wolf pinning me down and snarling at me.
I blinked in surprise, seeming to come to, unsure of what just happened.
I scrambled back on the bed, and even in his wolf form, I could see the scratches and smears of red along his coat.
"Oh, God. What have I done?"


Abby McCarthy is an Ohio born reader and a lover of words. She is a blogger turned author and released her first novel in May 2014. She is a mother of three, a wife, and a dog person. She has always written, sometimes poetry, sometimes just to vent about failed relationships, however in parenthood she has found her voice to help keep her sanity. She loves to write and read romance because isn't that something we all yearn for? Whether its flowers and hand holding or just the right tug on your hair. Isn't that what life is about? The human connection?

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