Friday 3 December 2021

Release Blitz - Out of Bounds by Khardine Gray

Title: Out of Bounds
Series: Sinful Bachelors #2
Author: Khardine Gray
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 30, 2021


How did I end up marrying my high school bully?

I first met Ethan Carson when I was ten.
One look and I knew he was trouble.

He could charm you with his striking blue eyes, his killer smile, and a face that was made for Hollywood. But look closer and you’ll see the devil incarnate who was always a breath away from juvie.

To say we were mortal enemies growing up is an understatement.
I avoided him then, and I continue to do so now, even though he’s a cop—who would have thought?

My avoidance tactics worked until the day I needed him.

I took one tiny trip to Vegas, where we ended up drinking far too much.

Big mistake-as in the mother of all mistakes.

We woke up the next morning in bed!
And neither of us can remember what happened.

But wait, it gets worse. So much worse.
That’s not the only thing we did.

The come-to-Jesus moment hits when I see the wedding ring on my finger.
We got married!
I married the devil.

Of course, I want this craziness fixed—ended—returned to the world where I’m not his Mrs.

But he wants us to stay together because he has other ideas.

When he makes me an offer I can’t refuse, I might be desperate enough to accept.
I just hope I don’t lose more than I bargained for in this outlandish scheme.

Like my heart.


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“Maybe if we can remember where we got married we can go back there and tell them we were drunk and made a mistake, so they can fix it.” She’s flipping out. I can see it. “This is Vegas people must do this craziness all the time right?”
“Yeah, yeah,” I agree just to humor her.
“It could be done within the hour, and we could go home and laugh about it and tell everyone we were screwing with them.”
The quiver in her voice suggests she’s about to break. I might make her break faster because even though this is Vegas, you can’t get a marriage annulled within an hour.
“Bree. It’s not exactly as simple as that. It won’t happen that quickly.”
“Well, how long do you think it might take?”
Last I heard it might be a week and that’s if you can get through all the paperwork on time, but I won’t tell her that.
An idea forms in my mind as I stare at her and see how much she’s freaking out.
“It’s going to take a while, Bree. What if I get all the paperwork and take care of everything as best as I can while I put you on a flight home.”
“Home,” she mumbles.
“Yeah. Do you want to go home?”
“Yes, are you sure?”
“Yes.” It’s best if I’m not around her. I need to think.
I married Bree Dawson. Married the girl I used to pick on at school like I breathed air.
Her the goody-two-shoes southern belle and me the kid who was always in and out of juvie.
I married her and I can’t even remember saying I do.


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Khardine Gray is an USA Today Bestselling author.
She writes contemporary romance, multicultural romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense.
Her books have sexy, drool-worthy heroes who will make you melt, and sassy, fun loving, ambitious heroines.
She simply adores her readers and loves spoiling them.


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