Friday 10 December 2021

Pre-order Blitz - Break Me by Ivy Arnold

Title: Break Me
Series: Forbidden #1
Author: Ivy Arnold
Genre: Dark Age Gap Romance
Release Date: December 29, 2021


The moment she walked into my classroom I knew she was trouble.
Beautiful and mysterious, she’s the kind of girl who is used to getting what she wants.
And what she wants is me.
I never thought I would cross that line with a student.
Until she forces me.
My life is turned upside down and there’s nothing I can do to stop her.
It’s her word against mine.
I’m trapped, cornered, a pawn in her sick, twisted little game.
I have no idea why she’s doing this.
Or when she will stop.
The crazy thing is, even with everything I stand to lose,
I’m not sure I want her to.

Book one in a series of dark, age gap novels.
Each book in this series is a COMPLETE, FULL LENGTH novel.


$2.99 for pre-order only!



“Chloe,” I rasp, when class is over. “Stay back, if you would.”
This time, there are no chorus of jeers as the other students leave.
They know they know they know…
She saunters up to my desk and gives me a winning smile. I can smell her on her fingers.
“You need to stop this,” I snap.
“What?” she asks, wide-eyed and innocent, head tilting to one side. “You didn't seem to mind too much last night.”
I flinch at the reminder. “You assaulted me,” I say.
She laughs, rolling her eyes. “You grabbed my ass to make sure I took your full load,” she scoffs. “If anything, you took advantage of my vulnerable situation. I called you for help, you put me up in a hotel, then stopped by, took photos of me while I was asleep…” My eyes widen as she ticks off my list of offenses. “Then you forced yourself on me, Mr. Reed,” she finished, her eyes widening in fake fear and horror again. “Now…who do you think the police will believe?”
God, she's fucking crazy. I stare at her, not sure what to say.
“What do you want?” I whisper. I wish my voice was stronger, but it's not. I feel like the Earth is falling out from under me. She’s got me firmly by the balls and she damn well knows it.
Her smile widens, and she leans in. “I think I've made that pretty obvious,” she purrs, trailing her fingers up my jaw, to my lips. She smells like herself, tastes like it too when she forces two fingers into my mouth. I can't help sucking on them, helplessly, watching her shiver and bite her lower lip.
“I want you to fuck me,” she demands, pulling her fingers out. “Right here, right now.”
“What?” I laugh, bitterly, looking at the door. “I can't…”
“Do it,” she says harshly. “Or I'll call the police.”
“You wouldn't.”
But I'm not so sure.
Chloe looks at me, smirking and sly. “Try me.”
I clench my jaw, rage rising in my stomach like bile. I shove myself to my feet and go to the door, slamming it shut. I'm so pissed off and so turned on, that the conflicting feelings are raging through my nerves like two fighting wolves.
“Come on, Mr. Reed,” she taunts from behind me. When I turn around, I see her sitting on the desk, legs spread and inviting. “What are you waiting for?”


Ivy writes quick, sexy, forbidden age gap romances that can be devoured in a night.

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