Wednesday 2 July 2014

Cover Reveal - Forever, Yellow Bird by Kerri Williams

Title: Forever, Yellow Bird
Series: Albany Boys #2
Author: Kerri Williams
Cover Design: S Pratt
 Release Date: September 2014


Yellow Bird:  Yel-low-bird. noun.  Expression: a person’s true love for all of time. Such love and connection is endless; consciously or subconsciously, they are never and will never be apart in the truest form.  The fortunate who find such a thing are blessed, their lives complete. For those who never know the beat of their true loves heart… they are eternally screwed.
But what happens when you find your illusive Yellow Bird and then have to face the decision to set them free? For those lovers, they face the tragedy of always knowing what it felt like to be whole but never have it again for as long as they breathe.
Which one do you think is more screwed? Is the old adage true? It is best to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all… For April and Carter, they may argue the point.
The thing about love is, it doesn’t matter how much you think you can fight for it or how much you think you can afford to lose. Sometimes even the epic kind of love just isn’t enough. Sometimes love is flawed by things we cannot change.
Lucky for them, April is ready to fight for her Yellow Bird.  



#1 Never Goodbye

This is where normally people write professional bio's in the third person. I don't do normal well, so here are some quick bits off the top of my head.

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Why I write? Because I love reading and have been extremely lucky in life to experience true love. At 16 I met my now husband and since had our wonderful children known as 'The Lollies.'

I'm not afraid to say my writing gets better with every book so keep reading and growing with me. I am afraid of sharks, snakes, clowns, spiders or anything that wants to fly at my face or crawl near me...with the exception of maybe a ladybug. They're pretty innocent until proven otherwise.
I write Young (YA) love novels, New Adult (NA) and contemporary romance because let’s face it, I'm a genre whore and if I had the imagination I'd write paranormal and more.

Yes I have a day job and write because I like stuff and stuff costs money. Dang it!
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