Wednesday 14 July 2021

Release Blitz - Mr. Arrogant by Elyse Kelly

Title: Mr. Arrogant
A More Than Money Series Standalone
Author: Elyse Kelly
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 14, 2021


My new boss is the sexiest man I’ve ever seen… And it looks like I might have to kill him.

Just when I think I’ve met my quota of know-it-all, I’m-better-than-you, male executives, the universe brings me Chase Bennett.
He may be a handsome billionaire with a panty-dropping smile, but he’s also a big arrogant jerk.
And because fate really is a spiteful b*tch, I get assigned to be his new temporary assistant.

That’s fine. I can handle his holier-than-thou attitude for a few weeks.
I refuse to let his sinful body distract me from my ultimate goal.
Who cares if he has the most deliciously intoxicating scent? Not me.
And his stupidly gorgeous, good looks?
Pffft, he’s just another pretty face I won’t be falling for.

And right about the time I almost give in to the hottest, cockiest CEO in town, he does just what I expect him to do… proving he really does deserve to be called nothing less than Mr. Arrogant.

Mr. Arrogant is a standalone enemies-to-lovers, light angst, romantic comedy with a HEA.


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How is this possible? How am I working for the asshole I just met at the coffee shop? What are the damn odds?
I must have some peculiar expression covering my face because Nancy’s voice cuts in. “I take it you two know each other?”
“Not exactly,” I respond at the same time Chase says, “No.” Our somewhat conflicting answers cause Nancy to tilt her head in confusion.
“We ran into each other at the coffee shop around the corner. When I was on my way into work this morning…” I clarify.
“This is the jerk you were telling me about?” Nancy asks, making me blush. I dip my head to hide my embarrassment.
“Jerk?” Chase questions out loud. He’s obviously offended, but hey, if the shoe fits…
Nancy bends over at the waist in a full-bellied laugh. Between her rolls of laughter and gasps for air, I hear her say, “Oh, this is classic! Just wait until I tell Grace!”
“Who’s Grace?” I ask.
Wiping the tears from her eyes, and standing up straight as her amusement begins to wane, Nancy answers, “She’s my best friend. And Chase’s mom.”
“Oh. Well, we probably don’t need to tell her.” I worry my bottom lip between my teeth, not wanting Chase’s mom to have a bad impression of me—even though I don’t know the woman. What she thinks of me shouldn’t matter but, for some reason, it does.
“Trust me, Eden. She’s gonna love this story. And she’s definitely gonna love you.” Nancy affirmatively nods her head as Chase narrows his eyes at her. I’m a little confused over what’s happening here, but I’m more concerned with how I’m going to survive working for this jackass standing in front of me.
“Well, since you two are off to such a great start this morning, how about I just leave you to it?” Nancy says, patting Chase on the shoulder, a mischievous grin on her beautiful face. “You two have fun, okay? Eden, if you need anything, you know where to find me. And be sure to keep this one in line, alright? I’m pretty sure a girl like you is the perfect candidate for the job.” She gives me a parting wink before she walks across the office and exits through the door, closing it behind her and leaving the two of us alone.
The silence is deafening as we simply stare at one another without saying a word. But the one thing neither of us comments on is the electric pulse of energy that flows between us, each drawing in the other like magnets that attract. We can’t deny there’s instant chemistry between us. Too bad he’s just as arrogant and insufferable as the other two CEOs I know.
“Look, Chase. Or perhaps I should call you Mr. Bennett? This is obviously going to be awkward, considering our spectacular exchange over coffee this morning. But we’re professionals and we both have jobs to do. I have way too much at stake here to let some pig-headed man with an ego the size of Texas get in my way. So, how about you do your job, and I’ll do mine. Okay?”
I probably shouldn’t talk to my new boss with so much attitude, but after our conversation this morning, he already knows what kind of girl I really am anyway. There’s no use pretending now, is there? I wait for him to respond, watching as his jaw clenches, the muscles tightening and flexing—which I shouldn’t find so damn sexy, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.
After what feels like an eternity under his heated gaze, he finally responds, “Fine. You can start by catching up with Hannah. She’s Nancy’s assistant and she’s been helping me the last few weeks. You can find her at the desk right outside my office and she’ll get you up to speed. Get started and I’ll check in with you at lunch. We can go from there.”
“Fine.” I give him a one-word response. I’m going to get all the dirt from Hannah and make her my best friend. Then I’m going to show this man why he can’t live without me—even if he thinks he can.
“When a woman says ‘fine’ I’m smart enough to know it’s never fine.” He slightly widens his stance and crosses his muscular arms across his chest. God, how much does this man work out? Stop it, Eden. Do not ogle the enemy.
“You’d be right about that.” I hold his gaze to let him know he most certainly doesn’t intimidate me. “Mr. Bennett,” I say his name as sweetly as I can, batting my eyelashes at him and giving him my fakest smile.
Spinning on my heels, I turn and walk out of his office to find Hannah. Looks like I’m stuck with the big jerk now. Whatever it takes though, I’m determined to show this man that I may be just an assistant, but he won’t be successful without me.


I’m just a true Southern girl, reading and writing books, asking you to love me. I hope my mix of romance, with a dash of swoon, and a pinch of smut brings a smile to your face and a tingle to your fun bits.


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