Monday 19 July 2021

Release Boost - Before He Was Her Headmaster by Chloe Maine

Title: Before He Was Her Headmaster
Author: Chloe Maine
Genre: Forbidden Romance
Release Date: July 13, 2021


My one night stand? He’s sitting behind the headmaster’s desk.

We met at a truck stop. The chemistry was immediate, and we both did something out of character: one night, no explanations. The next day, I arrive at my new private school to redo my senior year. Now I’m the off-limits temptation Sebastian Craig can’t forget, and we both try our best to behave. It works for a few weeks… until our secret cravings come tumbling out in the library after hours. How will we keep our private connection hidden until the end of the term? I want to be his sweet girl forever, but the age gap and responsibility of his job might be too much to overcome.…


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Sebastian finds me in the library that night. I’m on the third floor in the stacks, looking for a book on Sherlock Holmes. He appears at the end of the row, blocking the light. “You skipped dinner,” he rumbles.
“That’s not why you’re here, though.”
“No?” He glances at his watch, then glances up.
The lights blink out.
His voice rumbles toward me again, this time in the dark. “Maybe I’m here to tell you the library is closing.”
My pulse jumps as he tugs me deeper into the stacks and presses his hand over my mouth. My eyes go wide. Not that he can see that. We can’t see anything.
We’re all alone in the dark, and he’s gently pressing me up against a hard, wooden bookshelf.
He groans my name as my eyes adjust to the darkness, finding his face hovering above mine. I smile. “Is this about the essay?”
“It can be. It can also be about the fact you didn’t eat, and curfew is in half an hour.”
“Oooh, sounds like we don’t have a lot of time to cover all of those bases, so let me reassure that you that I have an apple and some crackers back in my room and jump right to my essay.”
“Sure. The essay.” He clears his throat. “It doesn’t exactly meet the brief of the creative writing assignment.”
“Really?” My pulse is dancing right now, a skittering flutter under my skin. “I thought it was pretty creative. The idea that you took my virginity that night. That some people would say that I’ve already had sex for the first time.” My breath brushes against his cheek. “With you. In a truck stop bathroom.”
“You can’t write that shit down.”
“Your copy is the only copy.”
He groans again. “Why now?”
“Because it’s been a long, lonely month.” It’s the truth. “And you’re close enough to touch, but I’m not allowed to touch. It makes me sad.”
“We don’t always get what we want,” he points out.
Don’t I know it. “But you said you would spank me for not eating. I think that means that you care about what I need.”
“I do.” Two desperate, growled words.
I grin triumphantly. “Then you agree. Now that I know how good sex is—and we agree that we’ve already had sex, so to speak—it’s cruel to expect me to not have more of it. You don’t need to hold back, Sebastian. You’ve already taken my virginity. You just didn’t know it because you weren’t using the right terms.”
“That was your first time doing anything?”
“I was such a good girl before you shot your load between my legs, Sebastian.” I lick his cheek for good measure, to show him I’m a bad girl now. To give him a taste of just how much he’s ruined me.


Chloe Maine has written other books before, but none of them as purely id-driven as Before He Was Her Headmaster. She delights in the fantasy of bending big men to the craven desires of supposedly innocent women. When she’s not writing, she’s probably reading. She lives in Canada with her own big man, raising the babies they made together.


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