Thursday 30 July 2015

Review - 30 Lays in 30 Days by Kate J. Squires

Title: 30 Lays in 30 Days
Series: The List #1
Author: Kate J. Squires
Release Date: 23 July, 2015

The world's sexiest bucket list. 

After emerging from a loveless marriage, Cat realizes hers is a life half-lived. What's a recently-single woman in the prime of her life to do? Have her first ever one night stand. But her experience leads her to more than just an evening of pleasure. Cat has a revelation: she's sick of being a good girl. It's time for this Cat to take a walk on the wild side.

Cat pledges to try 30 different sexual experiences in the next 30 days, before she turns 30. Her list sends her on a journey that will lead to indescribable pleasures and some risky situations, and Cat will learn more about herself than she ever thought possible. Most unexpected of all, she may even find love.

Do you dare take a peek at her list? Read on…

So, based on the title of this book, I expected a quick, hot read. Well, let me just tell you, this story was most definitely H-O-T, HOT! But it was so much more as well. 

We meet Cat, a recently divorced woman who had a pretty crappy marriage. She decides to make a sexual bucket list – 30 different ways she wants to have sex before she turns 30 years old to make up for missing all the fun in her twenties. 

“People of Broadbeach! Random sex is good! Experiment a little! I just had sex and it was awesome.”

Cat was super thrilled at her list and set up to check off every item with the help of her best friend, Beth. And most of the time it was hot as hell. Sometimes it was absolutely hilarious! Other times, it sucked! However, along the way Cat learned that her list was more than just sex, it was about self-discovery. 

“The point of the list is to discover yourself. It doesn’t matter who you use to do it with.” 

And Cat hit the jackpot with Jackson. He was kind, sweet, sexy, and downright sinful. 

“I’d gone from sleepy neutral to raging horny in less than a minute. I blame the Nutella.” 

He allowed Cat to feel safe while checking items off her list. So does Cat cross off all 30 items? You will have to read this sexy, sweet, funny, heartfelt journey of learning to love yourself. And I am sure you will get some ideas of items to cross off your own list ;)
~ Review by Tiffany

Kate J. Squires is a self-proclaimed word-smith. Currently, she lives and works on the Gold Coast as a full-time script and content writer, who also travels around Australia working with professional speakers. 

Her past job history has included working for Disney, fire dancing, and teaching finance skills - which was hilarious as she was flat broke at the time. Her life achievements include meeting Hugh Jackman backstage in NYC after 'The Boy From Oz', marrying a dolphin trainer, and producing two extraordinary little boys.

Kate is also a fully qualified Hot Yoga teacher who always wears odd socks. It drives the perfectionists in her life mad, but honestly, she doesn't want to look back at the end of her days and say, “Hmm… I wish I’d spent more time matching hosiery…” Life is too short to sort socks, people.

Surrounded by gorgeous boys, Kate's life is filled with love and laughter - two qualities she endeavours to instil into all her books. As an old lady, Kate plans to buy a second-hand bookshop and serve tea to every customer, while regaling them with her tall tales. There will also be a cat somewhere among the shelves…

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