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Release Boost - Contract by Delta James

Title: Contract
Series: Masters of the Savoy #4
Author: Delta James
Genre: Supernatural Mystery/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 6, 2022


He is the Head Concierge at the Savoy; she’s an Irish witch haunted by a little girl in Victorian-era dress.

Saoirse Madigan, an Irish witch has seen the little girl in her visions since she was a child. Her investigation into who the child was and how she died has led her to the Savoy to seek out the answers to the mystery.

Felix Spenser, the Head Concierge at The Savoy, knows she is his soul mate from the first time he met Saoirse. He is convinced that her obsession with one of the Savoy’s famous ghostly residents could be dangerous.

When Saoirse begins to question those who have kept the secret for more than a century, she unknowingly sets off a course of events that will prove Felix right.

Who is the little girl in the Victorian-era dress who haunts the Savoy?


Welcome to the opulent world of the Masters of the Savoy, where the men and women might be a little different - more than human. The men appeared out of nowhere one day determined to grab life and they were ready for love. But watch out ... you never know what darkness lurks in the shadows.

Author note: Contract is paranormal suspense romance with steamy scenes in and out of the bedroom for mature readers. Each book in the series is standalone with no cliffhanger endings.




He laid her on the bed, setting her ass on the edge and then kneeling, placing each of her legs on either side of his head. Breathing in the scent of her renewed and previously satiated arousal, he licked his lips and heard her catch her breath. Leaning in, he stroked her with his tongue, licking her from the opening to her wet heat up to her clit, where he circled it and then licked back down.

He looked up. “As you don’t have a safeword…”

“I came up with one—Abracadabra. Trust me, it isn’t a word I ever use, despite what all the books, movies and television series would have you think.”

He chuckled. “Abracadabra. I like it. I’ll try not to make you use it, but if you do, we’ll take a break and talk about it. So unless I hear it, I’m just going to assume you’re comfortable with whatever I’m doing.”

Lowering his head to her sex, he sucked each of her labia into his mouth before spearing her with his tongue. Saoirse arched her back in response as opposed to demand and he licked up all of the cream that remained from her previous climax in his office. As he licked her, he could feel her softening all over again—her pussy readying itself for his use… and use it he would. Come tomorrow morning, she would be sore from the number of times he’d fucked her throughout the night. He’d been waiting for some signal from her that she was interested, and he’d finally received it.

Spense brought his mouth down and enveloped her clit with it, latching on as he pushed a finger inside her pussy. He opened his eyes to look up to see her watching him intently. He held her eyes as he suckled, strengthening their connection and preventing her from raising any walls between them.

Saoirse chewed on her lower lip, trying to hold back not just the physical feeling but the emotional bond that was building. Finally she flung her head back and moaned as her hands reached for his head. She couldn’t keep still as his tongue and finger worked in perfect rhythm to send her over the edge into another climax that seemed to engulf her entire body as it tightened and then released with a sigh.

Spense rolled back onto his feet and stood, lifting her into the center of the bed and removing his clothes without ever losing eye contact. When he was naked, she opened her arms and welcomed him into her bed.

His body had never felt so alive—not inside the books or since he’d escaped. He now understood in a way he hadn’t allowed himself to what Roark, Holmes and even Watson had come to know and cherish. This woman was his and he would do everything in his power to ensure she never wanted to be anything else. Looking at her watching him, her eyes widening and then smiling appreciatively at the sight of his fully erect cock. He sent a silent thanks to Sage that she had ensured that all of the men in her books were well hung.

Kneeling on the bed, he reached for her and lay down beside her, kissing her deeply and allowing her to taste herself on his tongue. Spense rolled on top of her, easily parting her thighs and making a place for himself. The heat of her pussy called to his cock in a way that he’d never known before. He lowered himself, letting her bear all of his weight as his cock honed in on its target. He captured her mouth, plunging his tongue deep inside hers as he surged forward, entering and filling her with one long, hard push.

Saoirse’s legs tightened and she arched her back as her arms came up to encircle him and her legs intertwined with his. She writhed beneath him as he began to stroke inside her, dragging himself back before plunging in again. Her pussy tried to keep his cock in place, and he smiled as he kissed her.

Spense reached under her and grasped the globes of her ass—holding and steadying her so he could plunder her pussy at will. God, she was tight and wet and fabulous. Nothing and no one had ever felt this good. The ache in his soul that he had known from his first moment of sentience was healed by the way she held him and kissed him with wild abandoned. This was no quiet little sub. This was his wildly passionate Saoirse. He doubted she’d settle in like Rachel or Sage. No the dance for dominance would always be there and he found himself looking forward to it.

He gripped her tighter as he began to pound into her. Her nails raked his back, and she cried his name as she came, her pussy clamping down on his length and he continued to thrust in and out of her. There would come a time he would have her on her knees in front of him, her upper torso lowered onto the mattress, but this first time he wanted the intimacy that only face-to-face could offer. He didn’t just want to focus on how good her wet heat felt as it contracted around his dick, he wanted to be kissing her, feeling her nails scoring his flesh.

Her body responded so beautifully to his possession. He reveled in being with her, inside her, pleasuring her. Over and over he fucked in and then out, only to drive back into her. He wanted to learn every sigh, every moan, every scream. Her pussy seemed made for him and her body fit his as though Sage had written her to be his perfect partner.

“Spenser,” she cried with wild abandon.

“I’ve got you, Saoirse. I’ve got you.”

She was wild and wanton; sweet and sensual. She was everything he’d ever wanted and all those things he hadn’t known he wanted.

Her body tightened around him again and he let loose his own primal being, giving over to his own lust. He slammed into her again and again, all finesse forgotten as he gloried in being inside her and provoking her own primitive response. Saoirse’s body bowed as she all but howled in pleasure, giving him license to ravage her pussy like a man long denied. He drove into her a final time, holding himself hard against her as he flooded her pussy with his cum.

When the storm had passed, he lay atop her softness while she stroked his back and nuzzled his neck.

“That was… I don’t even have words for what that was,” she breathed.

Neither did he as he rolled from her body and pulled her close. “Perfection. Ecstasy. Absolute bliss.”


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