Tuesday 11 January 2022

Release Blitz - Gingersnap by Victoria Jayne

Title: Gingersnap
Series: Odin's Fury Motorcycle Club #4
Author: Victoria Jayne
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Adult Dark Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 11, 2022


Safe. Sane. Consensual.

Liz "Gingersnap" finally found the perfect, most compatible play partner.

The only problem? DASH is the ultimate bad boy. The last one cost her a great job, but being with DASH? Yeah, Gingersnap upped the ante – her life.

DASH has never played with a woman like Gingersnap.

But the Ohio Chapter of Odin's Fury is withering. DASH's club brother is missing. The very club he dedicated his life to, might just be the thing that costs DASH his woman. Which could be for the best.

Yet, despite that, they can't deny the truth. They're addicted to one another. In the end, they'll have to decide if the perfect play partner is worth the ultimate risk.




“You good?” he asked over the sound of the Rolling Stones playing on the speakers.
“Yeah.” She stepped closer. The scent of his freshly smoked cigarette practically slapped her in the face, but she pushed it aside. There were more pressing matters. “I’m missing something.”
A cocky half smile spread on his face as he wrapped an arm around her waist. “Oh? What is that?” He lead her deeper into the bar. “Your anal virginity?”
Her stomach fluttered.
“Ass.” She laughed nervously and slapped his shoulder.
“Yes, it’s quite nice.” He chuckled with her.
“Oh my god!” She brought her hands up and covered her face in exasperation, scrubbing for a second and then dropping them. “I meant my panties.”
She hadn’t realized she said it so loud. The snorts and looks from those around her only added to the embarrassment.
He laughed harder and pulled her closer. “I told you they were a privilege,” he whispered in her ear. “You lost that privilege.”
Her mouth fell open. He couldn’t be serious. She was in a skirt, in public, and this was not a play space. This was real life. Her gaze darted around, and for a second she felt like everyone around them knew. They knew what she and Dash had done, and they knew now she was panty-less.
“Hey.” Dash cupped her face with his hands. “Hey. Come back.”
The tender tone starkly contrasted his deeper, dominant one, and the butterflies in her heart fluttered far too emphatically for her liking.
If her mouth hadn’t been so dry, she would have swallowed down her panic. Scanning his gray eyes for answers, she couldn’t find words. He couldn’t be serious.
“This is public play,” he reminded her and rested his forehead on hers. “You said you were into this.”
“I never,” she started. “I never—this isn’t what—” This wasn’t what she had meant. She’d meant play parties. She’d meant kink events. This was a completely different sort of head trip.
He nodded, bringing her focus back to him. He dipped down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. With his arms wrapped around her, his affections disarmed her almost as much as the tone he’d used to get her attention.
Once he broke the kiss, he met her gaze. “Tell me your color.”
Color? He wanted a color. Shit. They were still playing. The stop-light system still applied. Her color. What was her color?
“Yellow.” She was still turned on as all get out, but conflicted about being panty-less in public. This wasn’t a designated play place.
He grinned. “Good. We still have some dinner to eat.”
“Can I get a drink?” she asked.
“This is a bar.” He snickered. “Of course.”






Victoria Jayne is a Jersey Girl through and through. She doesn’t pump gas, she eats pork roll, and grew up on the shore. She lives with her journalist husband and her two darling daughters.

When not writing, Victoria enjoys baking with her daughters, rooting for the New Jersey Devils, thinking of home improvement projects for her husband, daydreaming/planning vacations she’ll never take, and staying up far too late chatting on Discord.

The worlds of Suzanne Wright, JD Tyler, Dianne Duvall, Elisabeth Naughton, Madeline Sheehan, Tillie Cole, Kim Jones, JL Drake, and Joanne Wylde inspired Victoria. After binge reading them, she committed to writing and publishing her own books. She loves discovering new authors and the characters they create just as much as her own.


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