Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Review - Beat by Vi Keeland

Title: Beat
Series: Life on Stage #2
Author: Vi Keeland
Release Date: June 15, 2015

From New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Vi Keeland comes a steamy new standalone novel about a rockstar. Or two.

Dimpled smile of a boy
Hard body of a man
Sings like an angel
Fucks like the devil

I was stuck between a rock(star) and a hard place.

At fifteen, his poster hung on my bedroom wall. At twenty-five his body hovered over mine. Every girl’s fantasy became my reality. I was dating a rockstar. Yet I was slowly falling for another man. The problem was—the two men—they shared a tour bus. 

Flynn Beckham was the opening act.
Dylan Ryder was the headliner.

What happens when the opening act begins to shine so bright, it seems to dim everything else in its wake?

I’ll tell you what happens. Things get ugly.

*Fans self, slurps water, tries to contort self into the deep freezer* Good lord, this book was hot. HOT

After reading the first book in the series, my grabby hands were itching for the next. While the plot wasn't as original as the first, the author easily blew me away. Let's get straight to the point, the sex – WOW! This book will easily have your nether regions burning for days after. There was the perfect amount of drama, sex, gut wrenching emotions and kiss of humor. Since there was a lack of originality, I gave it 4 stars. Otherwise, it was one fantastic read!
~ Review by Kelly

Beat by Vi Keeland is Flynn Beckham’s story. We first meet heart-stopping, hard hitting, rocker Flynn in Throb. I was super stoked to find out what what was next for Flynn on his journey to love. 

When Flynn meets Lucky, it was if the stars aligned and he had eyes only for her. But Vi couldn’t have made it that simple for us. Lucky is dating Dylan Ryder, the lead singer of the band who Flynn is going to open for. What follows is a rock tour, hot women, a tour bus filled with horny men, and Lucky. 

Flynn wants Lucky. Lucky wants Flynn. Dylan wants Lucky. Lucky wants… Well, she’s not sure. 

Typically triangles aren’t my favorite thing to read. Someone always gets hurt. But Dylan was the love-to-hate anti-hero in my mind. He’s a total cliched rock star asshat, who says he loves Lucky but fails to even try to prove it until Flynn arrives. Team Flynn is where I stand on this one. His attitude, unwavering love for Laney and Becca, his willingness to do anything to help Lucky overcome her fears... Yep, he’s my ideal man!

~ Review by Heather

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work. She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!

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