Wednesday 12 August 2015

Review - Tracker's End by Chantal Fernando

Title: Tracker’s End
Series: Wind Dragons MC #3
Author: Chantal Fernando
Release Date: August 11, 2015

The third in a sexy romance series from the bestselling author of Saxon and Toxic Girl about the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them. 

Tracker is everything I’ve ever wanted.

I see him. I’ve watched time change him.

I’ve been patient, but he still hasn’t noticed me. Not the way I want him to. The more time I spend with the MC, the more I understand.

When you want something, you have to take it. You have to fight for it.

And Tracker is more than worth fighting for…

After reading Arrow's Hell, I couldn't wait to see what would happen between Tracker and Lana. I was really excited for this book and it didn't disappoint. 

I love Tracker’s character. Reading about him as a side character in Arrow’s Hell made me very impatient about waiting to read about him as the main character. 

Lana is a sweet girl. She has wanted Tracker for a long time, but doesn’t feel as if they are right for each other. Since Tracker doesn’t give up on what he sets his sights on, Lana can only fight him and her attraction to him for so long.

“I need you to need me as much as I want you.”

Once Lana lets things happen between them, they end up being great together. Except Lana has trouble trusting men, which makes her think it’s only a matter of time before the other shoe will drop. Lana is very closed off about things in her life which ends up leading her to keeping secrets. The secret that she kept irritated me because I really just wanted her to feel as though she could trust Tracker and her friends enough to tell them. And not just wait until it would eventually blow up in her face…

"He’s insatiable. An animal. A man in his finest form. And somehow . . . he’s mine."

This book was funny, hot, and sweet. Tracker was a great guy and he is definitely book boyfriend material. 

“You’ve ruined me for other women, just like you said you would. You’re my end.”

I very much enjoyed this book. Biker books are one of my favorite kinds of books to read, and this is one of my favorite series. It was great to catch up with the characters from the previous books as well. I’m sad that this series is now over, but I can always go back and re-read the books from time to time. I can’t wait to read more from this author in the future. 
~ Review by Leah

Chantal Fernando is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author whose novels include two books in the Maybe series—Maybe This Time and its follow up, This Time Around; and her latest releases, Toxic Girl and Saxon. When not reading, writing, or daydreaming, she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family. She lives in Western Australia.


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