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Review - Strong Enough by M. Leighton

Title: Strong Enough
Series: Tall, Dark, and Dangerous #1
Author: M. Leighton
Release Date: August 4, 2015

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Bad Boys novels comes the first in a dark, sexy contemporary trilogy. 

Is she strong enough to trust the most dangerous man she’s ever met? And is he strong enough to let her? 

How would I describe myself? Well, I’m Muse Harper. I’m a twenty-something painter who loves red wine, quirky movies, and men with a fatal flaw. But that was before I met Jasper King. He became my fatal flaw. Eight months ago, I had a choice to make—abandon everything I’ve ever known to protect my family, or stay and risk someone getting hurt. I chose the former. My plan was working just fine until I found out my father had gone missing.

That’s when I met Jasper. A bounty hunter with the eyes of a tiger and the nose of a bloodhound, he was supposed to help me find my father. What I didn’t know was that meeting him was no accident. Hunting people isn’t all that Jasper does. And helping me was only part of his plan. I just wish I’d found out sooner, before my heart got involved. But even then, I don’t know if I’d have done things differently.

Now, I have another choice to make—trust the man that I’m falling in love with and hope that he’ll do the right thing, or run as far away from him as I can get.

Wow! This book took me on a roller coaster ride. It sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go until I read it all. Even when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it.

Strong Enough is the first book in the Tall, Dark, and Dangerous series and those three words are perfect to describe it. Jasper is not only talk, dark, and dangerous, but he is deep, brooding, and closed off. The prologue of his life had me in tears and I couldn’t wait to find out the rest of his story.

Living a cold, lonely life, Jasper does one thing extremely well and that is kill. He is called in to help a “friend” find her father. But he has an ulterior motive. Muse is unlike any one he has ever met. 

“She’s all sweet allure and wild abandon mixed with the irresistible tang of forbidden fruit.”

He is insanely attracted to her and though he knows he should, he can’t resist her. 

“What do I want from you? I want your moans in my mouth. I want your fingernails on my skin. I want your naked body against mine.”

You can actually feel the connection between Jasper and Muse. It is electric, sexy, and uncontrollable. Their scenes together are erotic, yet sinister. 

“It’s hardly fair that the only taste I crave is the inside of your mouth. It’s hardly fair that I go to bed thinking about you or that I wake up aching for you. It’s hardly fair that I want you so bad my cock feels like it’s going to explode. But, then again, whoever said life was fair?”

Strong Enough was so beautifully written. I found myself highlighting passage after passage as I just loved how the words flowed together. This story was full of secrets and suspense. It was full of darkness and light. You really need to read it and watch Jasper learn how to feel again. I cannot wait for the second book to find out more answers and get Rogan’s story.
~ Review by Tiffany

Strong Enough by M. Leighton knocked my off my socks with the suspense! She mastered the art of anticipation, romance and driving need. 

When Muse can’t get a hold of her father on the regularly scheduled day and time she hires Jasper King to help her locate him. Her gut tells her that he’s alright but it’s a matter of finding him. But what she discovers is not what she anticipated… Jasper King is dark, broody, a man of few words and exceptionally hot - the type that sets your panties aflame. 

Strong Enough was an intense, fast paced, page turner. I found myself wanting to hurry through it to find out what happened and yet, slow down so it wouldn’t end. M. Leighton wove a perfect tale that has me chomping at the bit, ready for more. I’m not certain I’ve gotten enough yet!

~ Review by Heather

M. Leighton is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Bad Boys novels (Up to Me, Down to You, and Everything for Us) and the Wild Ones novels (There's Wild, Then There's You, Some Like it Wild, and The Wild Ones).

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