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Review - Full Domain by Kindle Alexander

Title: Full Domain
Series: Nice Guys #3
Author: Kindle Alexander
Release Date: January 12, 2016

Honor, integrity, and loyalty are how Deputy US Marshal Kreed Sinacola lives his life. A former SEAL now employed by the Special Operations Group of the US Marshal Service, Kreed spent most of his life working covert operations and avoiding relationships. Never one to mix business with pleasure, his boundaries blur and his convictions are put to the test when he finally comes face-to-face with the hot computer geek he’s been partnered with. Hell-bent on closing the ongoing case for his longtime friend, he pushes past his own limits and uncovers more than he expects.

Aaron Stuart strives for one thing: justice. Young and full of idealism, his highly sought after computer skills land him a position with the National Security Agency. Aaron’s biggest hazard at his job is cramped fingers, but all that changes when he is drawn into the middle of a dangerous federal investigation. Aaron gets more than he bargained for when the FBI partners him with a handsome and tempting deputy US marshal. His attraction to the inked up, dark-haired man provides another kind of threat altogether. Aaron tries desperately to place a firewall around his heart and fight his developing feelings, knowing one misstep on his part could ultimately destroy him. 

The solution isn’t as easy as solving the case, which is treacherous enough as it is. But the growing sexual attraction between them threatens to derail more than just Kreed’s personal convictions as he quickly learns temptation and matters of the heart rarely fit easily into the rules he’s lived by. Will Kreed be able to convince Aaron to open his heart and face the fact that sometimes the answers aren’t always hidden in code?

Nice guys don’t finish last…

This is the official last book in the series and I couldn’t wait to get started!

Kreed Sinacola is a Deputy US Marshal. He is dedicated to his job, extremely good at what he does and always willing to go the extra mile each and every time. Sounds a bit staid? Maybe a bit boring? Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Kreed is sizzling sex on a stick. Oh yes, gorgeous doesn’t begin to cover it. 

He is evenly matched with Aaron Stuart, slightly younger but equally handsome and appealing. Aaron is a hacker turned legit as he now works for the NSA. When these two start working on a joint case, it is instant de-attraction on both sides. And by that I mean they both feel the sexual chemistry and attraction between them right away but each have their own reasons for keeping each other at arm’s lengths…

“I don’t get my honey where I get my money. And that’s too bad ‘cause you’re f***ing adorable.”

It is a long book, almost double the normal length of a standard story, and I admit it was a bit of a slow start for me. I’m not sure why as Kreed and Aaron were deliciously intriguing from the start. The case they were on certainly provided enough drama, while the mystery surrounding Aaron and his extra-curricular activities added even more to the mix. Their forced togetherness meant they had to deal with each other in close quarters and tense situations so they would either ‘make it or break it’… together. The sexual tension between the two had to explode sometime, and when it did, well, hold onto the headboard, folks, as it was all you could hope for! This author knows how to turn up the heat and keep it there!

An added bonus, of course, is the other series’ characters being front and center here as well. The humor and genuine love and caring between them all just pulled me into their communal hug. A completely satisfying ending brought this series to a bittersweet close. I hope we see more of all these characters!

Random favourite quote:
“Bacon condoms?” … “Make your meat look like meat.” 
~ Review by Diane

If there's one thing I can count on, it's getting a dirty, sexy and suspenseful read from Kindle Alexander’s Nice Guys. A read like Full Domain, the third and final book in the series… 

After waiting for what seemed like FOREVER to get my hands on Kreed and Aaron’s story, I dived in with high expectations and a whole lot of excitement. What I didn't factor in was that I'd forgotten part of what led the Nice Guys to this point… *Sigh* Damn my memory! So, I backed off and had a blast refreshing my memory by scanning through Double Full and Full Disclosure. Side note: I still love Mitch Knox. Maybe even more after my refresher. 

Now, once I was back up-to-date and armed with the knowledge I needed, I fell into this story—and right into love with Kreed Sinacola. What a guy! I loved everything about him, this intuitive, hot, funny and smart Deputy US Marshall who couldn't stop thinking about his “smart boy.” It was fun to watch him try to avoid, justify and rationalize his attraction to the kid, Aaron Stuart. It was even MORE fun to watch him succumb to it. Whew, any one else feel that temperature rise? 

Aaron and Kreed were the absolute stars of this book. As much as I enjoyed aspects of this mystery—and definitely felt the suspense at times—I was a little distracted by their chemistry. And a little surprised at the way the overall arc of this series played out. I might have expected something different, and what I got felt like two different (still very good) books. Part one, which was a bit of a slow start for me, followed by an excellent part two—it took a turn about 70-ish% of the way through and the focus changed. Which, don't get me wrong, was great. More than great—I actually loved the change of dynamic and relationship between Aaron and Kreed, and the reveal of Aaron’s secrets, more than the early parts of this book. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting something else to happen—a change, another reveal, a twist. 

Having said that, there were just so many moments in Full Domain that reminded me why I will always pick up a Kindle Alexander book with a good deal of anticipation and excitement. The sprinkling of character cameos—more than cameos, in some cases—from their previous books, for example. There was plenty of my beloved Mitch here, along with his Cody, and the still bloody funny Colt and Jace. Plus, the incredibly hot, eyebrow raising sex… And, of course, the playful banter that leaves you with a big ol’ smile on your face. 

Full Domain might be the last book in this series, but it's most definitely not the last time I get my hands on a book by this author. Next time I'm looking for fun, sexy and suspenseful, I'm looking for Kindle Alexander. 
~ Review by Beth

Best Selling Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica in both the male/male and male/female genres. It's always a surprise to see what's coming next!

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