Friday 15 January 2016

Review - Resplendent Rush by Bella J.

Title: Resplendent Rush 
Series: Resplendence #2
Author: Bella J.
Release Date: January 11, 2016

Lexi is a vivacious, quirky, and fiercely independent woman with enough attitude and wit to intimidate even the most confident of men. Levi is a sexy-as-hell, cocksure, smoldering hot marine blessed with smooth swagger and cool confidence to charm his way into any woman’s bed. The one thing they have in common, though, is their disinterest in finding love. She’s determined to not let love interfere and dictate her life. And with his career, he doesn’t need the emotional ties and baggage of love, and dreams of white picket fences.

But a few chance encounters have these two tangled up in one wild, passionate, explosive ride which neither of them expected, and which leaves them completely and utterly addicted to each other. Already in too deep, Lexi stubbornly fights her growing feelings for him and refuses to become vulnerable against the power that love seems to yield. She has witnessed firsthand how loving someone can destroy a person, leaving him defenseless against a life of emotional turmoil. She refuses to let it happen to her.

Levi knows that Lexi is holding back. He knows that she is keeping a part of her heart guarded. He’s determined to burn down the walls she so desperately clings to, and make her surrender her all to him. But with his long-lost brother’s unexpected return comes an inexorable danger that he will do just about anything to protect her from—even if it means losing her, and in the end, breaking her heart.

Funny and sexy, this a fun-to-read story about two people with foibles and hang-ups aplenty who allowed love to let them grow. Lexi was commitment-phobic but Levi was determined to scale her defenses with everything in his arsenal—including rock-hard abs, buns of steel and a talent for cooking. Naked chef? Yum!

For me, the dialogue between Lexi and Levi made up the bulk—and the best—of the story. Well, their sex-capades were pretty hot as well. Okay, scorching…they were scorching hot! The sexy back and forth between them had no filters or bounds in both conversation and deed as the sexual chemistry between them was off the charts. No, that’s not true—it wasn’t even in the same room as the charts! They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and it felt a little dirty reading some of the passages. Deliciously, deliciously, dirty….

At the same time, the two seemed to generally like and care for each other. Lexi was confident and had no problems speaking her mind. I didn’t dislike her but there was an edginess that seemed to keep her at arm’s length. As Levi crept more and more under her skin, the superficial gave way to the woman beneath who felt things very deeply. And naming her girly parts? How could I not like her after that?

I had absolutely no problems jumping on Team Levi. Well, I was thinking of jumping other things but the team wagon works too. Ex-military, Levi had many endearing qualities including the way he sparred with, and loved, Lexi. 

“Petite, give me the spoon. It’s not fair for you to take it out on your ass…”

Did I mention he also had a mouth on him that he used to perfection in so many different ways? Consider it said!

A sexy, funny read!

Favorite random quote:
“Dear mother of all baby ninjas everywhere.” 
~ Review by Diane

Bella J lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and two kids. Her love for writing started in eighth grade when she received her first writing assignment--which she flunked. But the positive side of her failure--her newly found passion for writing. The negative side--now she's completely spaced out half of the time living in her little pretend world of romance, love, & insanely hot heroes.

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